Chinese scientists call for plan to destroy Elon Musk's Starlink satellites

Chinese military researchers have called for the development of a “hard kill” weapon to destroy Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite system if it threatens China’s national security.

The researchers drew attention to [U]Starlink’s[/U] “huge potential for military applications” and the need for China to develop countermeasures to surveill, disable or even destroy the growing satellite megaconstellation. Their paper was published last month in the journal China’s Modern Defence Technology. A translated copy of the paper is available [U]here[/U] (opens in new tab).

The Chinese researchers were particularly concerned by the potential military capabilities of the constellation, which they claim could be used to track hypersonic missiles; dramatically boost the data transmission speeds of U.S. drones and stealth fighter jets; or even ram into and destroy Chinese satellites. China has had some near misses with Starlink satellites already, having [U]written to the U.N.[/U] last year to complain that the country’s space station was forced to perform emergency maneuvers to avoid “close encounters” with Starlink satellites in July and October 2021.


The Russians already have a weapon that can do this job

Wakati wataunda rocket zipeleke watu Jupiter ndio I will recognise these things.

Wameshindwa na Mars, ata usiende mbali walishindwa kucolonise the moon which is closer, wameshindwa kucrack how to beat the speed of light. The human species is millions of years away from being really high tech :D:D

Elon & Google could be CIA projects. And China knows that.

Only bonobos are enthusiastic about that Starlink shit because they don’t know that the internet links are primarily designed to have military and intelligence applications.
Starlink’s primary objective is to override a nation’s sovereignty over control of the internet space. The current internet infrastructure has choke points under jurisdiction of governments.

With Starlink ,the US bypasses that and can send the kits clandestinely and you have internet connections outside the control of governments.

Starlink is a tool to undermine governments the US doesn’t like

Be worried

Bonobo ongea vitu unajua. Hio millions of years rudisha Kwa mkush


Actually very little of the tech infrastructure in use is under government’s control. Chinese phones that are popular in Africa have been found sending private information back to parent companies in China. We’re not yet even speaking about routers.

China does not have the sophistication or know-how needed to destroy Elon Musk’s starlink, whose capabilities have proven to be Putin’s biggest nightmare. :smiley:

I dont think you understood what I wrote




The idiocy going on in here sometimes just amazes me …
What do you guys think that all those Russian and Chinese Satellites and “Weather Balloons” are actually doing …??
And what is wrong if others do exactly the same …??
There are other far better more potent Comms and Surveillance Technologies being developed in various “kitchens” around the world …
Just so you know …:grin: