Chinese road construction technology is just unbelievable. Machines that defy logic. Just amazing.

Their road network is unmatched. I don’t think there is a place in China today which doesn’t have excellent roads. As you can see from the video below, every corner of China also has sufficient cell phone coverage!

Not even the U.S has attained such levels of excellence. Ambassador @Sambamba maybe you can give a small speech afterwards, I don’t know if you’ve received this video in your email from the NIS. But I know you are busy with foreign affairs and all and I thank you for giving us this opportunity to share a few words with a real expert like yourself on world affairs and weapon systems. Me I must say these Chinese are just wow!

I have never witnessed such development just watch :

Patricia ata top gear inatambua china .

sasa si mhame huko … funderh , meffi , tucker tucker , mcoondooh , brukhengeh , noogle… :meffi:

How SGR was build

We just need to invite them for 2 years to complete our roads.

Watu wabuild capacity yao !!!

Sio kuzoea kufanyiwa kila kitu huku tukistajabu technologia ya mchina kama mbuzi anapo chezewa gitaa.



[SIZE=5]The roads in China that you are never shown by the media.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Barabara za mashinani. A few photos taken by a fellow hiking through China.[/SIZE]

Muddy roads
When you get away from the big cities into rural China (where 50% of the Chinese population still lives) you’ll find a lot of dirt roads. During the rainy seasons they often turn to mud.
In mountainous regions, it’s not uncommon to find roads like the ones in the following two photos. The dropoff beside the road can be 100s or even 1000s of meters, with no guardrails or other infrastructure to keep vehicles from plunging to their death.
The above photos are of relatively minor, remote roads…. county-level roads, town-level roads, and village-level roads, where it’s understandable that not all roads are going to be sealed.

[I]However, sometimes you find that even major roads are in extremely poor condition. The following two images are of a provincial level highway, the main highway connecting significant cities in Southern China. In the following image, the bus I was riding was stuck in this mud for an hour. Eventually they had to get a tow truck to pull us out of the mud.[/I]

[I]Dangerous bridges
Bridges are part of the roadway network, too. China has been busy building new bridges all over the country, including some which are truly impressive and earn various titles such as “tallest bridge in ____”. However, there are still many old bridges in use across the country as well, some of which might cause your heart to skip a beat.[/I]

[I]Uneven surfaces
A step up from dirt roads but still behind sealed roads are those roads with stone, gravel, or other uneven surfacing. These roads have the advantage of not turning to mud during the rainy season, but they make for a very bumpy ride, especially when traveling by bicycle like I often am.
Often times, you’ll find thats that are sealed, or were once sealed, but are in a poor state of disrepair, where the pavement has been worn down and full of potholes. This is a common state of affairs on county-level and town-level roads in the poorer regions of China, where road maintenance is the responsibility of local governments which are lacking in funding sources.
Often times, the culprits responsible for the run-down nature of these roads is the heavy trucks which ply them day in and day out. In many rural parts of China, heavy trucks by far outnumber ordinary cars on the road. These trucks often lack proper suspension systems and they take a heavy toll on the road surface.
Below is one of the worst quality roads I ever traveled on. This is a major provincial highway connecting two provinces in Southern China. Once a properly sealed road, the pavement is completely broken up and falling apart. This road would be better off if it were gravel. There are many mines nearby, and heavy trucks carrying mined ore and debris constantly rumble up and down the highway, hence this state of affairs.[/I]

Ambassador @Sambamba care to comment? Have you recieved this info in your diplomatic email? :D:D:D

Iyo sgr ingefika kisum bana, deni tulenge kulipa


Hatujukataa lakini huko ni city bana. And remember that some of these fantastic roads head right into the empty ghost cities and are rarely used by ordinary Chinese.

Majority of the Chinese population wanaishi mashinani and they still live in dire poverty.

And they also still use very dangerous roads and bridges e.g remember these kids who used to climb this risky bridge while going to school?



Then Xi Jinping later built for them a steel ladder :


In fact you can see some of the empty ghost cities hapo tu next video ikianza.

manze China ni kubwa. Hii pace wako nayo watapita usa

Si wanatoshana in size/surface area :

China = 9,596,960 km2

U.S = 9,826,675 km2

[SIZE=5]Road networks length :[/SIZE]

China = 5,012,500 km

U.S = 6,853,024 km

[SIZE=5]Expressways/superhighways/Freeways :[/SIZE]

China = 149,600km

U.S = 95,932 km


China = 139,000 km

U.S = 202,500 km to 250,000 km

E.U = 208,211.4 km

[SIZE=5]Electrified Rail :[/SIZE]

China = 100,000km

U.S = 2,025 km

E.U. = 117,599.1 km

[SIZE=5]Number of Airports :[/SIZE]

China = 507

U.S = 13,513

[SIZE=5]Commercial aircraft/airlines by fleet size :[/SIZE]

1 American Airlines States 957

2 Delta Air Lines States 880

3 United Airlines States 777

4 Southwest Airlines States 753

5 China Eastern Airlines’s_Republic_of_China.svg/23px-Flag_of_the_People’s_Republic_of_China.svg.png[China](‘’) 607

6 China Southern Airlines’s_Republic_of_China.svg/23px-Flag_of_the_People’s_Republic_of_China.svg.png[China](‘’) 603

7 SkyWest States 486

10 FedEx Express States 378

Kenya Airways = 40 aircraft. :D:D:D

( Amb. @Sambamba , @Sokwe mtu )

Navumilia kuwa mkenya

Where do you even park 957 jumbo jets during an emergency like covid lock down? I heard that some of these mega airlines were parking jetliners in the deserts during lock down juu enyewe hakuna space kwa airports.
I also read that when all these global airline planes are flying on a normal working day if an emergency happened and they all had to land …

Labda wengine wa-land kwa mabarabara. That shows how busy the airline industry is because most of these planes are usually in the air crisscrossing the planet and not on the ground.

And 40 is not a bad number for KQ. Wamejaribu.

Although the most profitable airline on the planet, Singapore Airlines is the same age as KQ and once leased old aircraft from KQ because they were very poor at independence in 1965. Today Singapore Airlines is so profitable that it has a sovereign fund whereas KQ operates at a loss. Singapore Airlines has 138 aircraft.

Iyo watu yote Corona ilipeleka home!