Chinese rate of development continues to puzzle the world.

Chinese economy grows by triple digits.

WF,the most loyal creature, way much than our female counterparts.

Both videos are vicious in the methods used to kill the animals. There are definitely less painful and more methods available. It is hard to watch the first video past a minute, and the second one past 2minutes 40 secs. Such viciousness is totally repugnant now, yesterday and 10,000 years ago.

Patco might want to show these to his “hero”, so that they expand the meaning of “shithole” to include the methods used by these hitherto revered people. Patco might also want to read his history books to know that in years gone by, such inhumane viciousness was meted out to subjugate fellow nyeuthis who were forcibly shipped to the lands of Ahmed and Smith for cheap labor.

Kila mtu/jamii na chakula yake… I only don’t like the way they are killing the dogs. They should just kill it slowly and humanely and enjoy their feast…Even us here in Kenya we kill the cows, goats, sheeps, chickens and the like for meat so there is no difference at all. The only difference is the method of killing.

Men were given power to rule over animals. Wacheni usoftii