Chinese man tries talking sense to a Congolese bonobo

When will bonobos learn?

Lmao this is hilarious

masweep bonobo amepewa ni countless. enyewe we do not hold our alcohol too well. kazi ni parte after parte

:D:D:D @Yunomi kuja kidogo.

“ they stand at the bar drinking beer, then start shaking their behinds”

In the words of @Panyaste★ …“kutingiza kinyambis”

Africans are not stupid. Hatred & stealing DNA is our problem

Enyewe shaina man ameweka masweep moto…the colonial card should by now be stopped as an excuse. So we were colonized so what??!.. So was the USA…so was China…so was the Arabians!

Who colonized the Arabians?

Kitu hunishangaza is how people drink the first week after payday then wanaanza kusumbukana on the next three weeks…it simply implies you are trying to live beyond your means …you admire a life that you are working to destroy at the same time with poor financial decisions.


Basically if we remove Iran and Turkey, it would come to all… The desert being so vast most European were so lazy to colonize they just pushed their administrative influence.

Did the Romans not colonise Arabia. Ama colonialism means recent history only

Kojoa ulale

I believe the Roman time they conquered( taking sh.t like a monster) not colonialism( it’s within conquest but it assumes land is barren for your settlement)

Inauma but itabidi muzoee:D:D:D:D

They occupied only,there were no resources at that time…if only they stayed a bit longer:D:D:D

Wonderful :D:D:D

The devil…no wonder wako na roho chafu.

Wewe shuta utue