"Chinese" Man in Kisumu


Kee Chong Li Kwong Wing Profile


Mr Kee Chong LI KWONG WING, G.O.S.K. (KC Li) is a well respected and gifted economist. He is the founder of the National Mutual Fund which was the first Fund Manager in Mauritius to launch a Unit Trust and a Property Fund. He is also founder of the Mauritius International Trust Co. Ltd, one of the first professional firms to provide trust and tax planning services to international clients.

Over many years, Mr KC Li has diligently and successfully served the public sector of Mauritius through holding many positions as Chairman of the Stock Exchange Commission, the State Investment Corporation Management Ltd and the National Advisory Council on Prices and Consumer Protection and also as Advisor to the Minister of Finance. Mr KC Li has also served as consultant to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), the U.N. Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and the Finance and Investment Sector Coordinating Unit (FISCU) of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Council of Finance Ministers.

Mr KC Li brings his many years of professional experience to the Board where he is known for his strong and decisive leadership skills and for his farsighted strategic thinking. He has been a Member of the Board of SBM Holdings Ltd since April 2015.

Mr KC Li is a Member of the Board of Directors of the State Insurance Company of Mauritius Ltd, Mauritius Technologies Holdings Ltd, African Export-Import Bank and also sits on the Board of several Emerging Market Funds and Asia Hedge Funds.

Mr KC Li also serves on the Board of the following entities across the SBM Group namely SBM (NBFC) Holdings Ltd, SBM 3S Ltd, SBM eBusiness Ltd, SBM Africa Equity Fund Ltd, SBM Capital Markets Ltd, SBM Microfinance Ltd, SBM Factors Ltd, SBM Capital Management Ltd (under process of winding up), SBM (Mauritius) Infrastructure Development Company Ltd, SBM Infrastructure General Partner Limited, SBM Bank (Kenya) Limited, SBM Bank (Seychelles) Limited and Banque SBM Madagascar SA.

What is the panda man bringing on the table ? I don’t see nothing wrong in his appointment, wish we can have more of them in the cabinet.

Let’s embrace diversity. :D:D Ata leta investors

Mutahi kagwe is a proven performer he was in charge of opening Kenya to the internet by bringing fibre optic thus lowering internet/telcom cost by 80%. Miguna is full of lies

Anysng nyongo for president

Please break it down further brother… how did he do it? repeated-lie-syndrome is the disease here.

He is the one that talked to the one of the UAE princes to fund partly for the project and also allow we connect our fibre cables to the UAE terminal. By then there were the TEAMS, Eassy and Seacom had taken the initiative of doing the fibre cable under the ocean.

The foreigner could bring expertise and credibility. We need more foreigners sim lost of fields because Africans have learnt to be dishonest.