Chinese Hotel owner filmed canning his worker for reporting to work late in Kileleshwa


Yani mtu anatoka China anakuja ku cane watu huku. Bonobos haziwezi saidika

The only thing the bonobo understands is a firm hand

Deport that asshole

This is so sad. Being flogged in your own land with a foreigner. Ingekuwa mimi heri nipoteze kazi can’t be whipped like that. Even in school i was suspended for resisting flogging

Inakaa tumejikosea heshima banae, Chinaman atoke aaaaall the way aje , aniajiri then anichapie homeground?? Neva, wacha nilale njaa.

Ni Muluya. Au Mkamba.

:D:D:D:D banaa uli sign terms and conditions za kuchelewa job, but huyo mkamba ni fala.

naona hizi ni zile za chukua thao nikunyoroshe viboko mbili

Isn’t this the same hotel which was in the news a few years ago, for not allowing black people after 5pm? Sure looks like it. They lost their license but I guess they’re back in business with a new name.

Umaskini halafu uongeze ujinga ni balaa.

Go watch the video again…This was not punishment… it’s very obvious from the video that these guys were playing a joke… This is fake news and k24 inafaa wajiheshimu.

Also, it’s very weak to fall for every bit of misinformation… whenever you see a news article dont believe it from the outset. Ussually over 50% of reporting is not based on facts.

Timidity hufanya kondoo ijipeleke kichinjio

Point taken

Hakuna timidity hapa. It is a slave who cannot afford to lose his job bending to his master’s will. That’s modern day employment for you.

the only way to keep a lazy bonobo in line is to whack them once in a while. Bonobos only understand pain

Generally our work ethics leaves a lot to be desired.

:D:D:D Iko mtu hapa alisema akili ya bonobo inapenda kuenda kwa matacoo na dawa ni kuchapa kiboko ndio irudi bahali yake

But atleast after this footage, huyo ninja atapata job offers Mingi. I am concerned about the many who are suffering silently

africans are divided & don’t care about other africans . so uniting ni ngumu , this is how society breaks down & it’s ppl become bottom feeders . this ensures black people will always be slaves & colonies .

Me thinks even guys with papers can succumb to such circumstances. Unemployment rate is high in the country, it explains why graduates settle for 20K jobs yenye unafanya kazi 6am to 6pm, hata Saturday. Very many graduates are in this situation. It is really shitty men, even for the well educated