Chinese firm signs $1.94 billion PPP deal for construction of industrial park in Eldoret Kenya
Firms located at the SEZ will utilise goods and services from local companies. This will create positive linkages and stimulate the growth of other activities e.g. real estate development and transportation.#AEZPearlRiver
AEZ Pearl River. It consists of a 700-acre site in the plateau area of Eldoret which will feature various industries including industries for the youth, agro processing, energy, machinery, engineering, construction, electronics, ICT, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The Park has an environmentally friendly design with an abundance of open landscaped areas and waste treatment facilities on site.
The Guangdong New South Group Ltd has signed a $1.94b deal with the Kenyan government for the construction of an industrial park in Kenya at the Eldoret Special Economic Zone. The China- based company signed the deal for the industrial park in Kenya titled Africa Economic Zones in Beijing in the presence of President Uhuru Kenyatta in a private sector agreement. The project is being put up through a partnership between the Chinese firm and Africa’s Economic Zones Ltd.Africa Economic Zone (AEZ) is the first privately owned special economic Zone in Kenya and has been licensed in accordance with Special Economic Zones Act 2015. The agreement encompasses the development and operation of a high-end Special Economic Zone, with world-class infrastructure in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County. The advantage of the location comes in when the easy access to raw agricultural materials is put into consideration, as well as the development of massive land away from the over-populated cities.

President Uhuru Kenyatta lauded the two corporate for their achievements to date expressing his optimism that the project will have a big economic impact on both the local and national economy.

The gradual incorporation of Special Economic zones by many countries is in a bid to sput development. These are projected to serve as some of the vehicles that will carry forward their industrialization agenda.It is also a means of attracting Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) mostly in the manufacturing sector, job creation, and export growth. Accordingly, these countries are mostly looking to China, which has proven over the last three decades that industrialization can create jobs and substantially reduce poverty; this particular one to the tune of over 40,000 in direct jobs for the youths and a further 150,000 indirect opportunities.
Improved infrastructure, resurgence of various economic activities around Eldoret, positioning it as an industrial and manufacturing hub is also expected from the investment deal. The Economic Zone will be designed and planned in such a way that it will be able to support a growing community in terms of institutional framework, physical infrastructure and administrative services to ensure a complete smooth operation for the support of various economic activities within the Industrial park. Once fully operational, production output is expected to reach $3 billion annually and grow exponentially. The ground-breaking ceremony is scheduled for July 2017 with construction work expected to start shortly after.

…am getting worried. Bado hii ni loan?

Try and read it wouldn’t hurt. Spoon feeding should end.

Nimepanic after kuona USD 1.94b na jina Chinese in one sentence that’s why sikuweza kusoma.

Its entirely a Private investment, no public funds are used here. It was signed in China at the sidelines China Silk Road conference in Beijing by the investors, SEZ board, Ministry of Trade, Uasin Gishu county officials and witnessed by President Uhuru. In the Jubilee Manifesto, all 47 counties must have there own SEZ to achieve industrialization, end unemployment and grow the economy exponentially.


40,000 direct jobs and another 105,000 indirect jobs in Eldoret is a complete economic transformation of the county. May God bless this project to be successful. Its good that we start manufacturing goods here rather than importing from China. Remember Chinese President Xi said that China will export 10 million jobs to Africa in 10 years through building of SEZ along the Silk Road that build through Chinese infrastructure.

I feel there’s no free gift from China, my worry is we are accruing debts every day.

Jubilee aside. Aren’t you worried about everything being China!

Not at all, when you start a shop do you worry if the customers are black, red, blue or green. Kenya is open for business and the most proactive and willing player will win all the time. At this point that is China. Where is the west to invest in our infrastructure and build SEZ. President Obama was here with so much promise on power plants and investments. So far none have started.

Am really scared of Chinaman.I follow Dr Umar Johnson on Youtube na hii story yake ya Chinaman in Jamaica really makes me cringe.

Social Economic Zones is the key to unlocking the regional development in Eldoret. Through development and operation of a thriving special Economic Zone, Kenya’s regional competitiveness will be strengthened.#AEZPearlRiver
As we Africans are being mind conditioned by the west news media against China, their leaders are trooping Beijing for deals in their infrastructure, business and manufacturing. They know China can uplift Africa to be a manufacturing base ending the west hold on our resources and therefore achieve economic freedom.

[SIZE=6]UK’s Osborne courts Chinese investment in high-speed rail[/SIZE]

British finance minister George Osborne will open bidding during a visit to China on Thursday on 12 billion pounds ($18 billion) of contracts to build a high-speed rail line, the latest effort to bring Chinese cash to Britain. Osborne will also seek Chinese backing for 24 billion pounds of investment projects in northern England. Inviting bids on seven contracts to build the first phase of the high-speed rail link between nothern England, the central Midlands and London, the British government said it would encourage Chinese firms to link up with domestic companies.

[SIZE=6]Canada Continues To Court China Investment[/SIZE]
ChinaOil - China Oil & Gas
15 June 2017, Week 23 Issue 647
Hong Kong-listed MIE Holdings has said it will buy CQ Energy Canada Partnership’s assets for C$722 million (US$544.1 million) as Chinese capital continues to flood into the North American country. Increasingly, Ottawa is hoping that some of this will target its struggling oil sands sector. Last week, MIE Holdings confirmed that it had agreed to buy CQ Energy Canada Partnership, a Canadian exploration and production joint venture in which UK firm Centrica holds a 60% interest. In total, this will see the company acquire a range of natural gas assets and related infrastructure in Western Canada with a current output of 56,000 boepd.

“As part of its strategy [to rebuild] its asset portfolio … the group constantly evaluates investment opportunities globally and is particularly drawn by Canada’s vast oil and natural gas resources with an established energy sector in a [developed nation],” MIE said in a statement.

This marked the latest investment in Canada by Chinese enterprises, with the Globe and Mail reporting last month that more than C$2 billion (US$1.51 billion) had been spent over the past few years. More could well be on their way, too.

Shamba ni ya nani?

Its been built in Plateau in Eldoret. That land was acquired AEZ Pearl River from several small scale farmers.

hio SEZ inajengwa wapi exactly. Asking for watu wa buloti maguta maguta

maendeleo ndio tunataka.

@Budspencer atakusaidia na land prices hapo plateau. By now they must know where it is.

Not entirely true (my two cents)
The FDIs are usually private (foreign companies/ individuals) endeavors where govt is less involved.We dont have the resources to make such accomplishments. I don see anything wrong with having cities in rural and areas considered inhabitable coming up.What is wrong with having a city in a plateau ama arid/desert like areas kama Turkana. This actually even increases the value of that land/property exponentially, Nairobi needs proper compe. SRG ni deni though
Silk road is a reality, but we will intermarry and handle the race thing