Chinese Exporting Gambian Fish To Feed Farmed Fish In China then Sell Same GMO Fish Back To Gambia Making Huge Profits


Chinese are a liability on this Earth

Are you surprised

i thought it was some sort of joke… kumbe ?

Any African nation that doesn’t value its natural assets is going to get ass-raped by the Chinese.

Which means SA will be the only ones left standing*.

*If Malema/EFF does not come to power

Three people in ktalk wanajulikana wouldn’t object to that:D:D:D:D

Nonsense article. That is how the livestock industry works all around the world. You buy day old chicks feed and vaccinate them then sell to the market. You buy 1 month old piglets, feed and vaccinate them then sell sell the mature pigs in the market. You buy young emaciated bulls, feed and vaccinate them then sell as fattened mature bulls hapo dagoretti slaughter house. You buy fingerings (young fish), feed and vaccinate them then sell them in the market including Gambia.

The same way you worship xi for mosel of dollars ghaseer,worship Chinese bat eaters for money as they lend you toxic loans .we will pay mwanaa kenyatta don’t defend them increase tax even to 150% we will pay as you eat comfortably and sleep dreaming.
But trust me valar morghulus,all men must die and Chinese loot won’t help you in afterlife

Umemaliza kutomba budako?

If you can be independent then you will eat chinese rats


When we Africans continue to remain weak everyone will continue treating us like toilets.

We even import toilets from china. The flush toilets.