Chinese EVS are the Future

Good for the world…
But very disruptive technology…
To the arabs petro-dollars.

Jambo bowlegs

$4500? That’s very cheap. I don’t think Kenyan government will want such cars. Tax ya petroleum itatoka wapi?

The world is changing very fast, a battery giving 600 to 850km is no joke, that is more than what a full tank of gas can offer for regular cars.

Hydrocarbons are here to stay, either way, mining in Africa isn’t stopping any time soon.

Ile BYD ya China is coming to Kenya

Dealer unveils country's first electric vehicles - The Standard

I don’t think Tesla will be able to compete with chinese EV’s in africa in terms of sale numbers

Ng’oa thread kabla pseudo gringos zikam kukupa msomo aiseh

they will rule that industry and make trillions , saa hizo they dont have the minerals required in china… E.V industry inafaa kuwa congo not china … just saying … omwafrika amelalia mskio tu

Africa is a very small market on the world stage especially considering our purchasing power, hata gari zetu most ni 2nd hand, so tutangoja tu zile zishatumiwa kama kawaida