Chinese employer paying Zimbabweans their wages. Wow!


Iko tu sawa sioni shida. Since the weight of the currency is standardized and weighing reduced counting time, then everyone wins. Pesa ni pesa, coins ama notes.

Coins have a standard weight. This is a very efficient way of doing it

huyo boy wa kwanza sio kale ka ethics hehhe

Ingekua Kenya, lazima angekua mkamba

@Yunomi toa maoni.

It should be the other way around whereby Chinese workers are lining up to be paid by Zimbabweans.

:D:D:D:D huyo treshera mkamba anaangalia kamera ni kama anataka kuibia wadau pesa yao

camera man alikuwa anasafisha mecho na huyo dem wa red

Huyo jamaa in green trouser… Ako in doubt mpaka ametishia foreman… “Hii pesa ikikosa kufika??? Mimi na wewe!!!”

This is too funny and sad. But if the Chinese sees opportunities in your own country while you don’t then this is your reality.

Kwanza ni ma coins aki ya nani. Coins. Sururu!!

“Wewe bonobo shika zako!”

“NEXT!!! We own you now. Bonobos.”

So humiliating Patty. The sadness of being an enslaved African while living in “your own country.” Where is their pride and dignity?