Chinese discriminate against African concerning Covid 19

We need to start lynching these slit-eyed mofos across Africa. Hawa wakitucolonize completely, British rule will look like a picnic.

Don’t know how our “leaders” sell us out for pennies so these guys can walk over us… Waafrika ni kama tumerogwa no black pride… Afadhali tukae bila “development” of nonsense like SGR instead of getting shafted by racist, exploitative idiots. It beats logic how tunakubali ujinga huu. Stupid leaders

The leaders are NOT stupid.
Its the fools that elect them that are stupid and manipulable.

Your Cs cried appearing xenophobic was a lessear evil than flunging the doors wude open for Kenyan bound Shy-Knees flights.

Na hii corona yote kuna maumbwa bado zinakimbiza kinyambis china? Serves them right. And shida ni nini? Quarantine? Si ata hapa tunafany Hivyo… Kama si hawa wajinga wa kuuza kuma internationally like that silly sounding cherop chieth hatungekua in this position

Africans in China are discriminated after corona virus effect to China

Dude, watu wakirudi Africa unawalaumu, wakibaki majuu you blame them for staying there. What exactly are they supposed to do, suffer in silence because their plight makes you uncomfortable?

[COLOR=rgb(71, 85, 119)]And water is wet

Was not the other day a clip was moving online for a an African man chest thumping how Chinese gvt created the virus & want to rule the world. Here they cry foul of their did(s).

The Chinese are just backward. It is the US in the 1800’s - 1970s.

When Africans learn to trade among themselves, innovate and manufacture here, we will get the respect from other countries.