Chinese Company Bought Zambian Copper Mines For USD 25 Million On Credit, Then Repaid In 6 Months

Zambia has Africa’s biggest copper deposits, but due to bad management they could no longer afford to pay workers or service the equipment then China saw an opportunity. They negotiated a price and settled for USD 25 Million to be paid within a year.

Six months after taking over the company repaid the entire amount and now it’s like China owns all the copper in Zambia.


Real implications of giving away mining rights to outside powers.

It means two things will happen simultaneously

  1. Rapid environmentally destructive extraction of said mineral’s amidst unsafe exploitative local workers conditions.

  2. Implementation of a ruthless long term plan to ensure those that gave away the rights stay in the exact desperately needy situation that they gave away the minerals rights under.

This is the story of Africa…alafu most nyeuthi blame “bonoboisim” while outright rejecting the possibility that African underdevelopment is engineered.

These are the repucussions today.


Uzuri yao walilipwa in 6 months. Nyinyi hapa Kenya mlipea Chinese company shamba ya bure ijenge barabara, na mtalipia kupitia io barabara hadi mkufe.

It is self engineered sometimes. How could the president hire a minister who sells all the copper in Africa for 25milliom USD? Who threatened him?

Was this under Hakainde Hichilema? If so, then I’m shocked.

Its rather childish to think that some incompetent minister went and signed away mining rights on his own.

Before Hakainde

Weka whole story buda. Seems missing info.

The previous president had deeply ingrained jungle software.
Minerals are sovereign wealth.
People might criticize Islam, but this stupidity will never pass in Arab states(bar interference by the West, of course).
Countries get so rich from this wealth, some are so rich that they can afford to build megastadiums from scratch (Qatar), cities from scratch (Saudi) or even build another transport network from zero.

We can’t keep blaming outside forces for our stupidity without looking at ourselves first.
For example, how stupid did we have to be for France to have a currency for 14 States?!!!

Sema tu ukweli. Corrupt leaders have their pockets lined, then sell off to foreigners. Hoi poloi the ultimate victims. Story as old as the hills.

In many cases, the corrupt leaders are the ones elected by the very same hoi poloi

Very true

So is that a pillar of Islam or strict code of conduct regardless of religion?

It should be a strict code of conduct and basic, common sense really.

Because even countries like Australia have been benefitting from their minerals to the extent of having homegrown companies that come to mine in Africa. You know who profits from that.

But Africa seems to have completely lost the script. Libya was a great example to showing just how minerals if exploited well can be the savior of its citizens.
How mineral-rich nations like CAR are shitholes is simply beyond belief.
Stealing is demonized in all these religions, but a combination of morality, law and working systems is what enables societies tick in these matters.

We may yap about how Qatar has unsafe working conditions and so forth, but who is hosting the world cup?
Where are Zambia and CAR?