Chinese Communists

Muthamaki sold our country and the future of our children to the Chinese Communist government. A lethal comeuppance is cooking.

Washington DC and London Vs. Beijing!

Game bado changa!

whats cooking ? be specific

This is a conversation I’d like to have with low IQ bonobos like you …

This is Kenya’s total debt


External debt ndio hii


Why is Kenya’s debt to China problematic ?

When the right time comes, it shall be known!

Low IQ kalejinga, enda ibia jirani yako ng’ombe ghaseer.

The West keep pushing the propaganda that Kenya’s largest external debt is to the Chinese. It’s not. There main problem is that we are trading more with China, and they are losing on business contracts.

Jubilee propaganda par excellence. If at this point and time you haven’t realized the Chinese agenda in the sub-saharan Africa in general, then you’re
beyond help. You’re not different from African chiefs who signed away their sovereignty with an assumption of mutual benefits.

Why haven’t Muthamaki disclosed to the public what he signed with Beijing? What are they hiding. In fact, what is there to be hidden if at all it is in our interest?

We cannot let ourselves be slaves to the Mongoloids while we watch. Never!

Tafuta @uwesmake the stupid Bukusu akufire utulize nyege

Mmepanga kuchoma kanisa ngapi wakati wa election?

Mungu ndio uchoma watenda dhambi. Si vyema mwanadamu kuingilia kazi ya Mungu ya kuchoma watenda dhambi.

Ati trading more with China? It is China dumping their goods in Kenya. What have you exported to China apart from some few fruits and some few other raw materials (of which the Chinese are doing those export business from Kenya, not Kenyans)


Not losing, they call it Trade Imbalance, yaani kutombwa.

In simpler terms, import our bikes, excavators, electricals, pencils, candy, toothpicks and export heavily scrutinized ovacadoes

I am talking about looking at it from the West’s perspective. When we buy excavators, toothpicks and plastic cups, that’s trade - only that it’s not in our favour. Now the these profits are flowing towards China.

wachina wakicolonise kenya tuende tucolonise drc na bujubura banae

Better the devil I have known all along than a new devil. The 1.4 billion Chinese will soon find home in Africa and before you know it, we will be competing with them in every sphere, from politics to economy, and of course we will lose.

So far, the Zambians have a tale to tell.

Discuss financial matters rationally Si kujibu vitu kama unaongelesha slay queen amekula fare.

Jungus - Britain in particular, control most of the biggest companies in Kenya and most of the profits - in billions of KES are repatriated every year. Mbona hizo hazisemwi?

What’s the point of changing one slave master for another who is even worse?

How have the loans helped Kenya grow economically?

Do you have a chart that shows how the billions were spent and the expected economic growth in that specific sector of investment ?

How has the sgr helped Kenya grow economically?