China's H-20 Stealth Bomber. Is China A Super Power or A Develping Nation?

In October 2018, Chinese media announced that the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) would publicly unveil its new H-20 stealth bomber during a parade celebrating the air arm’s seventieth anniversary in 2019.

Prior news of the H-20’s development had been teased using techniques pioneered by viral marketing campaigns for Hollywood movies. For example, the Xi’an Aviation Industrial Corporation released a promotional video in May 2018 pointedly imitating Northrop Grumman’s own Superbowl ad for the B-21 stealth bomber, portraying a shrouded flying wing bomber in its final seconds. Later, the silhouette of a possible new bomber appeared at a PLAAF gala. This comes only two years after PLAAF Gen. Ma Xiaotian formally revealed the Hong-20’s existence.

If the H-20 does have the range and passable stealth characteristics attributed to it, it could alter the strategic calculus between the United States and China by exposing U.S. bases and fleets across the Pacific to surprise air attacks.



Conclusion: China is both a Super Power and a Developing Nation all in one. Poverty in rural China is in some cases more severe than than that of Sub Saharan Africa yet China has ICBMs that can hit US coastal cities

I don’t know what your point is. Per capita income in the coastal cities and Beijing Shanghai areas is equal to that of Western countries.

China is actually both rich and poor and Ndindu is correct. Per capita income doesn’t give you enough information about each individual’s income. Actually per capita income of China right now is around $9,000 but there are millions who live in extreme poverty because it takes time to completely eradicate poverty in a country of 1.2 billion people. There will always be a poor person in China because the govt cannot help everyone.