China's final warning (shocking)



Pale Beijing Chinks are coping and seething tu. Nothing on site. Xi Jinping knows clearly that messing with Uncle Sam is messing with his own death :D:D:D






:D:D Where is the modesty mkishinda vitu ndogondogo kama hii? Kumbe mlikua mumeshikilia roho? It’s like that time bush landed in Iraq on Christmas day. When he was flying out there was palpable tension even he himself held his breath until they crossed 20,000ft. We knew this just the other day on a documentary. Kumbe US huingiza njeve pia

@Sambamba take this L

United sodom of Gomorrah tombweni matako

Apitie Pyongyang akule kimchi tuamini sasa


:smiley: huwezi ona huyo sino-sycophant kwa hii thread

USA is still the greatest military power

China had more to lose. Economy

:D:D:D true

meza cabbage na idomie bila kusumbua

Mbwa ya chokora Leo hukuli mafupa umeokota Kwa pipa?

True that one.

The faggot will leave, she won’t stay there forever. The taiwanese will remain. They will be reunified.

There won’t be enough himars to share in Europe and in Asia.

Ule Jamaa wa long live Xi

Lotta cope in this thread.

ameenda taiwan kuona nvidia factory juu ako na shares… [SIZE=1]yenye amenunua na insider information[/SIZE]

saa hii ako anaonyeshwa gtx 4090 prototype

-your eggzelency, this is how spiderman will look with rtx on


-this is how spiderman will look with rtx off

- ok

- on… off… on… off… on… off…

-ok. so how much is this? and what is my cut on every sale?

Lies, China will never reunite with Taiwan.
This is already a vassal State of America

Wewe ndio umeipata