Chinaman Changes African Lives...

Technology is constantly redefining the way we travel and how fast we get to our destinations — but in Africa, something as simple as a bridge and a road are changing thousands of lives for better and for worse.


In Mozambique, one of the poorest countries in the world, many areas are impenetrable because of the treacherous condition of the roads. Previously, for example, the only way to travel from Maputo to Catembe was a 10-minute trip on a crowded ferry.

Beatriz Cossa used to take that ferry ride to get supplies from the capital. Now, a new bridge and 60-mile road allows for a quick ride in a subsidized bus. But that bridge didn’t come without cost: her old home was located underneath the highway. She was compensated for her loss with a new plot of land and a better house, but it’s a lot further away. She also had to leave behind her parents’ burial site, her friends and her memories.

“You see my heart,” she said. “I cried a lot.”

Europeans and their Kenyan apologists still try to say Africa doesn’t need China. Mimi natambua Chinaman first and foremost

Is @patco a European apologist ?

Patrick or Patricia or whatever Pat stands for huwa hajielewi. Kenya of 1999 was very backwards and undeveloped. Today I can reach Laikipia within 4½ hours. That’s magical

When the

Nani aliwaambukiza hii inferiority complex ? When you’re not sucking the white mans dick you’re throating the Chinamans. China has funded projects all over the globe, only those in (black) Africa are spoken about in these terms of China being some kind of savior or some epic battle against white man. Pathetic

Why didn’t Africa get those projects done from 1960’s - 2000’s? Why did it have to wait until Chimaman arrived for us to start getting quality and fairly priced roads, bridges and buildings? Give credit where credit is due.
And you don’t have to confess to the things you do in your privacy, nobody is really interested.