China (Xi) Eliminates Term Limits

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Hes been the most important member of the 9 man politburo for a while now…and the most outstanding Secretary General of the Communist party after Mao and the fact that he has championed the looking- out strategy so successfully certainly earns him the trust of the party leardership to carry on. Also the fact that the current vice president has failed to make the cut to be on the politburo also helps Xi’s stay as they search for another able replacement, a purely technocratic undertaking. You have to understand that to be a leader in China, meritocracy, rather than democracy is preferred…and this model of political meritocracy/technocracy has been in use even before the Mao era…one learns the ropes through a long stint in the lower cadres of the party machinery…promotion is purely on expertise…and if his performance plummets then trust the central committee and the politburo to recall kick him out

Superb analysis. I once read a philosophical paper on democracy and why it is not applicable to all societies/cultures. Will get it and share it.

Watch as Kenya, Tanzania follow suit.

I just hope Britain is not one of the countries criticising this move by China, because the British premiership does not have term limits, and the Queen’s ass has been warming the throne for nearly 70 years now.

Itakuwa ngumu. You need a referendum. And in our case, ni vigumu kupata presidency bila a coalition of a critical mass of tribes, all who want to succeed you. Uhuru atajaribu hivyo Uncle Ruto akiwa wapi?

As much as its undemocratic, sometimes term limits can be restrictive. Some of the most stable, most productive regions have had leaders who serve very long undisturbed terms. Take the Germans for instance who like giving people lectures on term limits and yet their chancellor is about to serve for 16 years. Or governors in America who sometimes serve for two decades. Or the Israelis where Netanyahu has been around for decades. Or even England where even though she may not look it, she is more or less the de facto dictator at large. Na bado wanapatia third world countries lectures.

You are making a very unfair comparison. The leadership training that a Russian president, for example, undergoes before getting anywhere near the presidency is intense. China is even more tedious. Its sweat and blood before one rises through the ranks…and you first have to prove yourself at lower levels…its very technocratic…very similar to Plato’s philosopher kings if you go through your history notes…
…and then they have councils, or ruling committees, which in Africa can only be found in SA under ANC (they call it the top six), which make collective decisions, its like a collective presidency. Kenyan society needs to make a few adjustments…including moral adjustments otherwise mtu atakalia hio kiti and embark on a personalization process which ends up creating a deity to oversee looting and state capture.
Our plural society also makes it very difficult…yes, advanced societies also have fault lines esp along religious, regional and even tribal leanings but the level of development takes away focus on presidency…hapa without the presidency the perception (and maybe reality) is that your region/tribe becomes excluded in terms of development.

You nailed it that is one of our biggest problems, not the tribes or constitution. Tribal fractures within society are a by-product of failed morals in society.
We do what is right starting from up to the bottom; the basic civil servant, up to the elected members and many problems dissipate. It is difficult to resolve problems when you cannot make a moral decision to do what is right.

Deep-rooted corruption creates a type of autocracy. Cartels, which constitute an organised small group of actors, holding too much power within a sector, act as a fiefdom; leads to monopolized extortion of wealth from the majority of tax payers. Many corruption cartels operate independently from central power i.e presidency or governors and will have been in place for decades.

Requires a team of Hero’s to wield the spear against corruption and wear helmet of truth and Justice.