China Will attack take over Taiwan - My Theory

I believe that the planners of the New World Order are behind the COVID pandemic, The Russian-Ukraine conflict and are still on course to kick off the Chinese-Taiwan take over war. This will continually disrupt the global economies and in fact bring down the dominance of the USA as the world’s only superpower and install some other leadership… They will not stop at China-Taiwan war but many other global events too… That is my theory

Flawed theory. China may be approaching US economically but their military capacity is still far behind. I would wager that even Japan is more than a match for them. Lets not even mention the alliance system the US has of virtually all the worlds top economies.

Certainly, economically China is about to overtake USA but militarily, USA is far superior. I do not think that though China will surpass USA on the GDP, that they will overpower USA in military power soon… I am thinking a combination of European nations…

Punguza Hollywood movies. Pale Ukraine it has been proved USA weapons are obsolete piece of shit. They sell hype.

As Russia was attacking Ukraine, other nuclear powers were taking notes. Russia exposed the fact that the U.S.A is unwilling to defend its allies if the attacker has nuclear weapons. Also, it showed that in a globalized marketplace sanctions can be circumvented. Right now, the only country the U.S.A can defend in case of a Russian or Chinese invasion is itself. Every other country without nuclear weapons is fair game.

Countries like South Korea should take notes and stop counting on Uncle Sam for help. In Kim decides to invade, the U.S.A are going to do their usual sanctions bullshiett and take selfies without offering any real help.

Weapons and wealth go hand in hand. If you are rich you better be armed to the tooth because someone else will try to take your shiett using whatever means necessary.

If Ukraine had retained its nuclear weapons, Russia would not have invaded. The risk would have been too high. It’s obvious that giving up nuclear weapons was a very foolish move on their part.

If Taiwan does not have nuclear weapons, China has every incentive to invade it and it will. Even worse, now is the best time to invade.

Humans are animals with a few IQ points. You can’t expect to have a few nuclear powers and many non-nuclear powers to co-exist peacefully without the nuclear powers trying to exploit their edge.

Punguza bangi .Taiwan is not getting nuclear weapons hata wakitaka aje .Any hint of nuclear nukes and Beijing will invade the next minute .

China fyi is a very rational actor .Doesnt rush and bids its time .Soma hii before you start theorizing how Xi will invade Taiwan.
Anti-Secession Law - Wikipedia

China already has a bigger GDP than the US

China doesn’t need to be militarily superior to the US, they just need to be dominant force in the China southern sea, and this is bound to happen. Currently China has more naval ships than the US. Just like Russia they need to be strong just outside their borders not far away, they aren’t trying to project power like the US.

Nani amesema wanapata??

Transporting the required manpower and hardware to Taiwan must be a logistical nightmare.

It won’t happen soon, it will take a while

China , just like Putin, now realize that in this day and age , jumping in to grab a Sovereign Independent Nations territory is not a joke …

China, with it’s restless population and dependence on raw material imports and exports of finished goods is far more vulnerable than Russia if it went to war with Taiwan…

All it would take to collapse China within 3 months would be a Naval blockade …:D:D

China’s army is untested in war. They last fought a war in 1979 and that didnt go too well. We have seen the US quickly overcome modern adversaries.

The only people who sell hype are the Russians. Their much vaunted army has proved to be a hollow shell.

The only people with obsolete weapons ni the Russians. Wameanza kutoa t62 from mothballs to fight. These are tanks that came out around the 60s. To put that in perspective, Kenya hadnt attained independence. And remember that the US is not giving Ukraine weapons like tanks and aircraft. They are holding back on a lot of offensive weapons.

The fact remains that China still has a smaller economy than US and the US alliance system is intact. Pale pacific, the most powerfull countries like Japan and India are US allies. Alafu kuna wengine like Australia, South korea etc. Also, practically all of Europe are US allies. China has no major country as an ally. Hell, it has no minor country either except North Korea

Mine is just theoretical… And I do not foresee China becoming the only superpower… I forsee a conglomeration of nations…

USA fall is imminent. Powers from the East will rise up and dominate the world

China will take over Taiwan in the next 2 years. They have to do it now while the US is still confused under Biden and more concerned with pandering to homos, feminists and such rubbish

I bet so too… And as part of “The Great Reset” there will be many more crises of all sorts, economic, political, social, medical, etc until the old order is overcome… The US Dollar is unlikely to resist this take over forever…

On top US is busy weakening its military by pandering to LGBTQ and feminazis.
The Disney style military ad was proof of this.

They wish …

In any War , China is far more vulnerable ( …internally and externally …) than Russia …

Their economy , fortunes and existance is based on fragile external import / export supply chains and cannot sustain a serious war …

A war weakened China would quickly disintegrate just like USSR in the 1990s …

The process is already ongoing in Russia , whether Putin likes it or not … :D:D