China Waives Debts For 17 African Countries, Kenya Not Among Them. Nyinyi Ni Matajiri Mtalipa!!

China, Africa’s largest bilateral lender, waived debt owed by 17 countries in the continent for 23 interest-free loans that were due in 2021.
The context of the latest relief reinforces China’s intention for Africa to consider the Asian power its preferred long-term development partner, especially “in the face of the various forms of hegemonic and bullying practices,” Wang Yi, China’s foreign minister, said. That may have been a reference to the recent contentious visit by US House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.


The relief was announced on Aug. 18 in an address to Chinese and African diplomats at a follow-up meeting on the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation that was held last November in Senegal. At that forum last year, China reduced its pledge to Africa by 33% in an apparent show of concern for Africa’s indebtedness to it and against the backdrop of slowing Chinese economic growth.
Specifics of the announced relief are not known as the beneficiaries and amount were not disclosed. China canceled debt due to interest-free loans worth $113.8 million that matured in 2020 for 15 African countries including Botswana, Burundi, Rwanda, Cameroon, the DRC, and Mozambique.

:D:Dxi atachukua port, afinye arror makende for more rights in kenya… china is looking to export some of its citizens

Lakini $113 Million si ni Peanuts for Deep Pocketed China.

How poverty stricken is Africa eti countries kama 17 ziko na commulative loan amounting to just $113 Million. Hii ni pesa Michael Jorndan ama O’Neal anaweza walipia

Would the bastard of saxons the mighty kkk consider this?

akuna kitu ya bure

Hizo ma county zime samehewa deni ni zile zimeshaa ingia box vipoa, sasa after debts forgiveness, the fucking begins.

Uhuru alisema…
‘the Kenyatta’s always pays their debts’

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