China Vs USA war prophesied.

It was already written in the Bible. China will not be easy to defeat. They will raise an army of 200 million soldiers. One third of world population will die as a consequence of the war. We are in tough times.

There will be no war between China and the US. Chinese owners of capital have commercial interests in the US, American owners of capital have commercial interests to protect in China, if the two countries use fire and brimstone on each other, won’t the resources they will be fighting over be destroyed? Countries go to war for raw materials, markets and sea routes


Tulisema Hiyo ni just a storybook ya talking snakes n donkies

he’s referring to the Taiwan situation, China will make a move very soon. Chances are great that America won’t interfere

In Africa only King Mswati recognises Taiwan

If a war breaks out neither side will attack each others mainland .Taiwan will be the battleground(sucks to be them)

February 2022 World War 3 inaanza. I could be wrong though.

You might be right

Why is that?