China VS Germany! China wins this round, decisively.






[SIZE=7]Shaffie Weru escapes narrowly after being involved in an accident[/SIZE]
Peninah Njoki

December 21, 2019

Popular radio and TV presenter Shaffie Weru has escaped narrowly after a car he was in was involved in an accident along the Northern Bypass.
No injuries have so far been reported but the damage on the car is clearly evident.

The car, a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon collided with a truck. Weru. Weru in car accident. Weru car accident. that was also involved in the accident that crushed Shaffie Weru’s car.

According to our source Shaffie Weru was a passenger in the car and not the driver as assumed by many.
It has not yet been established if the driver was hurt as calls to Shaffie Weru went unanswered.
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No doubt Shaffie was speeding and driving recklessly in his temptation to show off.

Aii mammy. WAH.

lazma alikua mrefi

Was probably drunk as well, or nursing a serious hangover.

Usijali ni kamati ya negative roho chafu energy.

Nope… zi Germans win. That damage is minimal since its a suv that collided with a truck.

Momentum .Unasahau physics.

New development :


Ahem, you mean mrefu…

Kwani Shaffie analipwa pesa ngapi ndio anunue gari ya 20M?

Most vehicles are build with a crumble zone. This is designed to absorb the impact as much as possible reducing the chances of injury to the occupants of the vehicle.

Toa jina Germany kwa mdomo yako. It seems haujui

Wacha hio maongo yako na exagerration.

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And you sound very “Kenyan” with that comment. Like someone who doesn’t live in Europe. Yaani ni kama uko to area code…:smiley:

Wewe unajua nini? Keino wewe. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Hehe, matusi ndo unajua