China Used Microwave Weapons On Indian Soldiers


Bonobos are still fighting with bows and arrows in 2020
Above is an actual fight scene that took place in 2020 between Kipsigis and Maasai


This is comical. Hata hakuna formation. How do you defend yourself from the line of fire?
No wonder tulikufa wengi pre-indipendence conflict

:smiley: ferking monkeys

Mkiambiwa Africans wako 17th Century mnasema ni self hate. % of Low IQ Africans is highest amongst all the races

Hapa unawamulika na Microwave Beam ukiwa 1 Km away Wana faint wote


Wacha marongo !!!
Those pics are from 07/08 PEV they have been floating around since.

Hehe. Acheni kuonea fellow Kenyans. Its much better that we still fight this way in this day and age. Otherwise if you replace all those bows with guns and arrows with bullets and the slingshots with grenades then you have real escalations where massacres and mass killings are the order of the day.

Uuugh! Here’s Sambamba with his middle-class morality

Hii nayo inaonekana waliibia U.S pia.

You are wasting your time…this guy of ours sworn to always lick chinise butts. He doesn’t mind having globules of feaces stuck on his fat tongue.

Sasa tuletee ile ndeiya vile @Big fire motokubwa vile walitolewa unyoyaa na mandawuooo. Mungich are coward and sissy men. Kazi ni kuharass fellow Kikuyu drunkards.

This gives the term “bonobos” a whole new meaning!

Mimi sijawahi onyesha mwanaume mwingine mgongo nikipotea,I would rather die

Peana venue uwache kadebee.

Heshimu mshale …Ghasiaa!

This is quite an upgrade from hurling spears since you can reload and fire. To subdue this whole group I just need to cans of tear gas and run them up the hill—kwisha!

You’ll be beaten if your only option is tear gas