China Trade/Business/imports

There is this trip to China being organised, and I was asking for those in the know which are some of the duty free items that are allowed into the country, if any, or which ones attract the least tax.?

If someone were to decide to go there which are some of the areas of interest that you guys would suggest to visit.?

Some stuff to import might be shoes, clothes, powerbanks and such small stuff that would fly off the shelf. Maybe you guys can also add some ideas?

Whatever you guys know I would love to hear about it…Thanks

the only duty free things allowed into the country are the things you will buy at duty free shops.

everything else utaulizwa receipt ama value of goods na ulipe tax

Chinkus know the game all too well!:D:D:D
They collude and cook receipts like no-one’s business!

Kabisa. Even when ordering stuff from a site like aliexpress, just ask the vendor to quote a lower price on the item details and receipt when they are mailing the stuff. They are too happy to comply.

Hehehe 100 likes for this one…I wish I knew this while importing some stuff, a few weeks ago!

kama mtu hana postal adress how do you go about buying from aliexpress ama goods zikifika you get a call??

Shenzhen (sp) lazima.

juzi nimepita hapo terminal E, nikapata msee akihandwa na hao wasee wa customs. What is the criteria for asking one to pay tax? Kuna mdem aliniita randomly akacheki laptop bag but haikua na kitu. Vitu zilikuwa kwa suitcase but hawakufungua.

Im not sure. There is a minimum value of goods you can bring in as “gifts” that wont be charged tax. Something like $100.
anything over that you will be charged.
@Okiya can advise on that.

But if you are coming into the country na umenunua laptop/camera, beba kama hand-luggage. never put those things in your suitcase, utakuliwa pesa. Infact, anything in the suitcase should not be original packaging.

Siku hizi kuna agents wa dhl hata mitaani. But dhl huwa inauza watu kwa kra. General post office ama post office yoyote inaweza kutumika kama address yako, bora contacts zako ziwe clear, na utumie EMS ama post office services.

Hata posta you have to pay. I am talking from experience. I had some hardware sent to me from the US and I had to pay customs tax

True. But not as dearly as you pay when you ship by DHL.

guangzhou is where you will find everything…mpaka kuna kenyan tour guide’s hoping to go there before the year ends.
Afrisali will sort you out on matters regarding imports.

Those guy’s are very stupid they were asking my sister to give them some of my sneakers and loafers at pia ao waking na watu.But siz ni mangaa alizusha mpaka waka mshow acheze chini.

Najua you can only bring in packet 10 za fegi, mzinga ama wine chupa moja na cologne moja as duty free. But the rest of the items, I think unafaa kulipa duty.

Yes. Kuna hizo restrictions otherwise watu wangetoka duty free na paperbags kama wameenda monthly shopping at Naivas

Sio lazima uwe na yako, request a family member or friend to use theirs. If none is availed goods end up at City Square who then call you using the contact tel. no. you provided. My friend, you better take that call when it’s made. If not utalia mwenyewe: they don’t pick calls if you call them back and, critically, they never respond to emails.

Ikiwa unadaiwa hiyo ya customs watakupigia mpaka simu iishe moto!

Hasara ni kwako sio kwao. They’re only too happy to appropriate the goods for themselves.

but why the difference?, don’t they read from the same script?