China to Refurbish Kilimani Police Station to a modern Kshs 500 Million Referral station

Police will have the first modern station that accommodates several facilities, including a referral medical unit, a family protection section and a resource centre by June 2018. The construction of a four-storey police station in Kilimani will start in January next year after the police and the Chinese Embassy signed an agreement in Nairobi on Wednesday. The new facility, fully funded by the Chinese Government and the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (Kepsa) at a cost of Sh500 million, will also have a spacious enquiry room, a police accommodation centre, worship centre, recreational park, a training and conference centre and a library among other amenities.


The construction was given the green light on Wednesday following a meeting with Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet, Chinese ambassador Liu Xianfa and Kepsa representative Karanja Kabage. Dr Liu said that the initiative was a clear exemplification of the Chinese Government’s commitment to supporting the security department, adding that they were committed to ensuring that more funds are secured from China to complete the project within the envisaged time frame of 18 months. Mr Boinnet said the partnership was the first of its kind in the history of the police service and that additional stations would be built across the country.

“It will be a replica of all institutions to be built in the country,” he said.

The new station has been designed to enhance the working environment and to meet increasing demand for police services by the public.


Mr Boinnet said the current policing aimed at enhancing investigation techniques, improving quality of life of the people, enhancing service delivery and increasing speed of intervention.
He added that the service would reinforce police-public relationships and enhance joint efforts in the fight against crime.Mr Kabage said that the current station played an important role in securing vital installations including the State House and other embassies, and added that they would ensure total transparency from the start up to its successful completion.

The new proposed station

KEPSA Foundation together with the Embassy of the Republic of China and the Kilimani Police Inspector General (IG) of Police, Joseph Boinet


Elder, kindly rectify the title of the thread you got me confused there.

On serious matters now, my opinion is that this is a good move to the police force and I hope it will change their attitude.

OK, i hadn’t noticed the mistake. Thank you, done.

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A great move indeed. The government should continue building these alliances with our development partners for the betterment of Kenyans.
***china man will be here for a very very long time ***


Are we capable of building anything without the help of the Chinese ?


this is a donation or gift from the Chinese government,

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There is also a reason they picked Kilimani station. Between Hurlingham-Kilimani-lavington-and Ngong Road-Kenyatta there are a huge number of Chinese residents who have set up businesses and shops. In future this area will be Kenyan China Town. The take up of real estate around the area is still high driving more residential and commercial properties to come up with even more world class features.


is this development part of a masterplan? Should we expect the same in every county?

Good news. That road should also be fixed.

hehehehe so it’s basically a “gift” to themselves that we will benefit from? well played Chinaman.

We are but Kenyan contractors are too corrupt

Unfortunately right now its not a masterplan for the stations as such but i pray the team at Ministry of Transport and Housing can continue being pragmatic and incorporate it in the 1st phase of 10,000 police housing units that was approved in this years budget. Funded by Shelter Afrique its supposed to be 10,000 units countrywide per year for 5 years and finally all the 47,000 police officers will have modern housing.

They can build and refurbish all they want. But as long as they continue dithering on the professionalizing the police force nothing good will come from the service.
The current set up of employing ‘failures in national exams’ and the rampant corruption that leads to fabulously wealthy individual sends a message out there that the force is for the brawny not the brainy…

Si watengeneze police station zote especially zile ziko unsafe areas na pia hizo police residence zao ni mbaya sana.

True but the police service commission is reintroducing a new structure of Police promotions based on training and knowledge. Police officers cadets will be recruited by interview to take up senior roles and those recruited by enlisting will have to undergo further and periodic training/re-training at Kiganjo/APTC college or abroad to qualify for promotions. In the next 5 years all senior police officers from deputy OSC upwards will be all professionals. In 10 years all police officers will be retrained and be holding there positions courtesy of their papers.

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They should also introduce a kind of test that shows if someone is a psychopath. Like those three APs who tortured and strangled those three men to me they do not appear to be normal.

True that, actually the rot is in the bosses at the apex of the food chain, an assessment of lapses in police operations prove this. For instance, the Mpeketoni attacks had been pre-empted and reinforcements sent but when they were needed the bosses in nairobi refused to give authorisation , The baragoi massacre was even more stupid, who sends rookies to collect a burnt out shell in a kill zone?? Alafu the garissa attack, we keep Recce on stand-by day and night only to have the only plane that could ferry them in Mombasa collecting the Airwing commander’s daughter in law.

The Police Service needs some serious Control systems to make it functional.

this is exactly what i thought when i saw this story. its to make sure that when chinese are arrested, they are kept in relatively decent conditions.

i’m sure utapata when a chinese guy gets arrested anywhere in the country, the chinese government will want them relocated to this station.

Convergence of interest, you win some and i get some. Even the Kenyans who will seek service there will appreciate with the added advantage that it now forces the hand of planners to do the same countrywide.