China Threatens Kenya Over Fish Ban!

[SIZE=7]China Threatens Kenya Over Fish Ban![/SIZE]

After Kenya banned the importation of Chinese tilapia in order to protect it’s local fisherman, China came out with full anger and vengeance
and threatened to impose trade sanctions on Kenya and not pay for the railway project they started that is now half way

God this woman is so “makanga”:rolleyes:

What shaina outta know is that, we ain’t their small bro. They can go their fuc.king diqs for all I fuken care. chieth …

I was one of the first subscribers to Dr Mumbi Show. I respect her work

The threat was withdrawn, cjui huyo ambassador aliambiwa afyate ulimi hakuna kitu kama hiyo itahappen. Kenya is a strategic partner bwana

Which they later unthreatened, you are more behind than Georgina Makena aka TrumanCapote aka former wife of reach husband but currently divorced.

Wait till they mention the loan figure.We shall put the tail in between

[SIZE=6]China threatens Uhuru over ban on fish imports[/SIZE]

Published: 31.10.2018

China is not happy with Uhuru

[SIZE=5]The government of China has threatened to wage a trade war over a directive issued by President Uhuru Kenyatta, banning fish imports from the Asian country.[/SIZE]
Chinese Ambassador Li Xuhang said the order banning fish imports amounted to a “trade war”, adding that his country would respond decisively as it did to the policies introduced by US President Donald Trump.

According to Nation, one of the options China is considering is withholding funding for completion of the SGR project from Naivasha to Kisumu.
The deal for the last phase of the SGR project was expected to be signed when President Kenyatta travelled to China in September.
It was, however, delayed after China objected to the hostile internal environment in Kenya, particularly negative media reports and attacks from politicians.

The Kenyan head of state is expected to return to China in November to sign several bilateral trade agreements, which are also on the line if the ban on fish imports is not reversed. Earlier in the month, President Kenyatta directed his officials to use every trick to ensure Chinese fish does not enter Kenya.
It was after the statement that the fisheries department wrote a formal letter announcing that cheap fish imports would not be allowed.


I am a subscriber too, but this is where I have issues with here show…

First of, the socio,political,economic topics she comes up with are mostly valid, BUT she does one thing constantly that annoys me,
She wants the viewer to digest ALL her presentsantations with a reminder, “na ukumbuke mimi ni daktari”!
Knowledge is power!

Hey! It’s all good and more power to her, but deep into the 3rd min of ALL her videos, Mumbi has now passed the introductory stage, she’s now deep in control of the show, hyping up the topic in a rather sensational manner, [SIZE=1]NGO styro!.[/SIZE]
Suspence, suspence, suspence…but that is all you get, bitter suspence void of analysis and alternative solutions!

it’s STILL ok at this stage because the subsequent paragraph SHOULD be esserted and fact backed up with analysis, after all Mumbi, is Dr Mumbi, (A presentation is not complete eithout research,) right?

This is now where it hits the bottom of the barrel, because Mumbi NEVER EVER does research on her presentations, no insight is presented…never!

So what does mumbi do to compensate her shortcomings?
She hits the roof with gutter (cyclical repetitions of the headline) aka rants and insinuations and conspiracies, leaving the viewer wondering if there is any solution out there, after all, she is the doctor, not me.

Mumbi’s show is a click bait, nothing more, and ALL her shows can be narrowed to a 58 sec twitter like one-liner(s) as no “new” insights are presented in her shows, she only keeps the intel hungry viewer in suspence and awe of her rants. Horrible!

Siege mentality is the major driving factor in her show.

Dr. Mumbi looks and sounds as fake as Dr. Matsanga and those droning nutcases in Sweden: Okoth Osewe and his wind-up clown Martin Ngatia.

Mbaya saana.:confused:


“Wroong” {trumphstyro}

She exploits the black victim hood mentality that’s present in the west.

Dr. of what and where did she study? I’m just asking a question! I watched all her “prophesies” about Kenya during 2017 election period, none of which came to pass. :smiley:

What did she prophesy?

Just go to youtube and google, “Dr Mumbi prophesies.”

Crazy conspiracies:rolleyes: