china should expect more of this in the coming months.

kwanza huko USA

Death to Chinese fücking communism.

Pressure from people will force governments to sanction china somehow. Wait till dust settles

Not gonna happen. Their grip on the worlds balls is too toght especially developing countries.

Nah man …when you say grip what do you mean?

The leverage they have on countries in terms of trade and loans. China just needs to tell these countries to jump and they will ask mr chairman how high?

You underestimate the power of western people . If they unite that’s it . Problem is the president in usa is somehow shitty, so unification is impossible . But if they put aside their differences and default Chinese loans what’s going to happen ? Unless russia runs to chinese aid which I know they will.

You are right, all what i am saying is that you do not bite the hand that feeds you and china just so happens to feed damn near every country on the map. It is scary how much power they weild

Actually Trump has never liked the Chinese, he even started trade war with them. Its those other western nations leaders that really kiss Chinese a**.

Do you know China owns the world ama unaongea tu? Don’t joke with China

America depends on China for debt and many goods. Even medication. Trump anaongea tu but he knows America needs China

Babylon was once great but it came crumbling

I say the same,death to the fcuking macho ndogos from China

On loans to the developing nations, If the bank gives you 100k its your burden to pay,if they give you 100m, it becomes their problem too…
On trade, China has a “weak” link, their economy is heavily export reliant, they cannot afford to loose even 30% of it… china as it is now cannot afford any significant -ve shake in their economy …

People overrate China a tad too much.
Are they even aware that it’s not Kenya biggest lender even???
Wait corona iishe kitaeleweka!

You forgot he blocked huawei from kunukisha kitunguu in US and also many Chinese mobile phone companies hawauzi simu in USA.
Company like huawei lazima ikona wazito wa CCP ndani.

Yes kitaeleweka . You can’t cripple world economies year after year because of your wet markets sh!t and expect all to say its pandemic…ngoja… people are angry at them … it’s just a matter of time. They will face xenophobic attacks all over. People are loosing loved ones , jobs, economies…

I lose the whole family due to your appetite for bats halafu tuchekeane tukipatana? Hawa watapigwa huko US

imagine a bonobo doing the same here in Chinese embassy, gsu watakuinua ushangae, hata huwezi karibia hapo.Africans are their greatest enemies, utachapwa sahizo uhuru will call a pressor to denounce you and your kins, you’ll be condemned with the strongest terms possible… We treat foreigners like they’re demigods, before hiyo lower hill road ya upperhill iwe dual gsu walikuwa na ufala sana.

Chinese will have alot to answer for…Everywhere people are turning against them. I tell people trade and loans they have been given to countries will do nothing to wipe their bad image.

China will never be the same again. Wacha the dust settles and you will know