China’s New 373 MPH (600.3KPH) Bullet Train Is Now the World’s Fastest Land Vehicle, Toms Will Say They Stole Tech From Japan & The USA

It took a couple years, but the world’s new fastest train has finally pulled into the station.
China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation unveiled the production version of its maglev bullet train in Qingdao on Tuesday, reports Reuters. State media says the train has a top speed of 373 mph, or close to half the speed of sound


That speed doesn’t just make it the fastest train in the world, it makes it the fastest land vehicle period. The bullet train is able to travel at such high speeds because of magnetic levitation. The technology uses electro-magnetic force to levitate the body of the vehicle less than two inches from the rails and propel it forward along the tracks. By riding on a cushion of air, friction is drastically reduced, allowing it to travel faster than traditional trains where wheels and rails are constantly in contact. Although China has made use of the technology for a couple decades now, it’s only ever been used at very limited scale.

China Railway says its bullet train will drastically help cut down on travel time. At top speed, the vehicle will be able to complete the 754-mile trip between Beijing and Shanghai in just two-and-a-half hours, Reuters notes. That same trip takes just over three hours by plane, five-and-a-half hours by current high-speed rail options or 12 hours by car. That could make the train an especially attractive travel option for business travelers in the country.
It’s currently unclear when the new bullet train, which can pull between two and 10 passenger cars, will go into operation. The vehicle that the company showed off on Tuesday is the finished article, though, unlike the prototype the company in 2019

USA is not in the competition, they don’t have a bullet train

Sgr iko chonjo

They were unable to make one.
Hapa wameshindwa na China. Longlive Chairman Xi

japan has similar that achieves 604kmh and has been testing maglev since 70s for safety purposes, i would trust theirs more

Regardless,they always have something to complain about what tech was stolen from them BY THE CHINESE

Niliwachia hapo kwa state media