China Ready For The Long March

Chinese planners are preparing for a scenario in which the current trade war lasts until 2035, waaaaaaaaaaay after Trump’s second term. Meanwhile, China is still posting trade surpluses even as Trump tells his ignorant supporters that his tariff hikes are working.

[SIZE=6]Considering the first four months of the year, the trade surplus widened to USD 90.16 billion from USD 70.94 billion in the corresponding period 2018[/SIZE]


kasonge tu io design

It’s a losing war, lakini ile vita Huawei imechapwa haikuea inaexpect

Hiyo ni ile vita yenye paka inaeza kupa ukiifungia kwa room, inaeza kuuwa. The Americans have realized they’re getting outflanked and there isn’t much they can do to stop China’s momentum. Acha tuone what will happen in the next 5 or so years.

I think the Australian case against the Chinese comms thing set international precedent on flouting rules on international trade and set the stage for what’s going on with Huawei and the other Chinese companies zenye zinapigwa. Indeed, it will be interesting to watch how it gets.

uncle Sam will win

Stalemate the most likely outcome!

In this deek measuring contest between China and US kuna mtu anapata pesa mzuri.

China losing access to American tech will impact them negatively as they are used to copy-pasting.