China ,off to space


This is Chinese century

Western media have given this launch a black out

Chinese will most likely be the first man to land in Mars.

Ngoja uone vile pseudogringoz watakuja mbio kukashif hii maneno. Kama si murica,hio space ni yenyu,they dont recognize territories they’ve not set foot on

I agree. West ni watu bure sana.

Chyna haters on death watch

Msito Musk is leading the race. Might even send peasants there by 2026.

No higher form of civilization will ever be allowed if America isn’t part of it. Since America can’t build anything, they just attack the Chinese repeatedly so nothing ever gets built. Geniuses

Piga,ua ile mbwa h0m0seksual ya US aka @patco

Unfortunately ,the Chinese are not low IQ ,low self esteem bonobos like Africans who wakiwa banned or sanctioned they cow and go kissing the pinkman’s ass instead or looking for alternatives .The Chinese have a can do attitude unlike we Africans

Wacha nikupatie historia kidogo .

China was banned from the international space station and the wolf Amendment prevented NASA from working or having contact with the Chinese .The thinking was that building a space station is so complicated that China would never be able to build her own but shock on them 10 years later .

Wolf Amendment - Wikipedia

Chinese exclusion policy of NASA | National Aeronautics and Space Administration Wiki | Fandom

US scientists boycott Nasa conference over China ban | Nasa | The Guardian

Why China Is Still Barred from the Space Station: Childish Politics | TIME

The ISS is getting decommissioned in 2025 and guess which country will be the one with astronauts in space .China

Pesa ukiwa nayo hakuna kitu huwezi fanya, they have it easy because the technology already exists and of course they have the money…

The ‘coming collapse of china’ is here.:D:D:D

Well put

Walikosea sana kunyima watu visa…:smiley:

My favourite China ‘expert’ is Gordon Chang :D:D:D