China nuclear plant leak.


USA fake nyuus they should stick in kukoroga kinyesi.

Noma sana, hizi reactors can create havoc. They are not worth it, one accident and you lose the entire subcounty for centuries

@Sambamba it seems Biden anawatwanga from within. :D:D:D

@Purple come see. It seems Biden via Macron has refused to honour his end of the deal.


They said the same thing about covid, it’s not a “crisis” level yet. Well, well…

@Sambamba Kui.


The kind of news that make @patco “come”!!!



So,the baguettes fucked the bat eaters with their incompetencies, Libs are getting moisty panties because Robinette said ‘noma bado,wacha tuone vile katacheza’? Its going to be a field day today for the pseudo gringoz.