China legalises Rhino horn

Soon tutalipa Deni na rhino horns… Kenya rhinos are in deep shit[ATTACH=full]205173[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]205174[/ATTACH]


Rhino za Kenya kwishaaaaaaa

At least I’ve seen a white rhino up close.

The worst part about killing this animal is that its horn is being used by some silly racist dog eaters who think it’ll make their d**k bigger.

F%$k the Chinese!! Si Wakule tu magoti ya ngamia ama ulimi ya kombamwiko

Legalising the trade could actually make it better. That means people could have companies that would rear the animals like cattle and harvest the horn. The animal does not need to be killed to harvest the horn. Lakini huku kenya we should have a well equipped and trained KWS to manage the parks. Right now we are too reliant on foreign aid.

Hatukubaliani hapa


China used to have tigers and rhinos. Guess what happened to those?