China - Kenya deals- what i don't understand

I hear Uhuru has signed an Avocado export deal to china. You want to mean before that i could not sell avocados to China if i got some orders??
Or is the Chinese govt agreeing to directly buy avocados from Kenya??
Because i can’t remember any Chinese official coming to Kenya to get a fish deal, in fact when Uhuru hinted at blocking fish from China, the fucking Chinese started claiming its a “trade war”

They have us by the nuts, hakuna kitu tunaweza fanya wala kusema. Itabidi tuchunishwe pole pole bila kusumbua.

Position China imetuweka ni kama vile unapatanga dem amekusumbua sana halafu uwekele miguu yake kwa mabega. She is literally at your mercy coz hakuna vile anaweza jitoa unless you release her from your stranglehold. Hivo ndio tuko sasa. Kukamuliwa proper.
ION, I laughed when I heard the govt taking credit for diaspora remittances like there are some efforts the govt made in order for diasporans to send money home. They forget quite conviniently that the reason why most Kenyans opt for the diaspora is because of the fucked up decisions the govt makes.

With the deal, China is obligated to buy Avocados (a certain amount I guess) from Kenya. Previously, Kenya had to compete with all other Avocado producers. Chinese fish compete with local fishermen. Kenyans are the ones who decide to buy the cheaper fish. GoK has not made a deal to buy fish from China.

Why are people here hell-bent on insisting that all Kenyans are idiots?

Word is there was an embargo on Kenyan avocados due to disease concerns. That has been lifted hence the avocado deal.