China is producing your buckets, this Indian has guts


Patia huyo muhindi keg jug moja kwa bill yangu

Impassioned speech but I doubt anyone in the so called Global North is listening

Very wise and true

After hio speech, yeye na all Indians in the audiece will gather in an open field and take a sh!t together. (Great speech though)

Wapi spoilt brat Greta



Panjeet amenyamba point kubwa sana.

Vishnu hapo ame ongea kuliko ile ghaseer ya kurandaranda nchi za wenye akikopa. Ni kama ule mamake huwa hampikiii.

:smiley: :smiley: Greta is a puppet, and the fact that they were willing to use a kid tells you how far Dixiecrats can go.

Vijay is a bright person,
You should check out his books.

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Amefanya nisikie kupuff ndhom ile mbaya. Point after point after point he is making, no?