China is overtaking the US

Ticket prices soar as thousands of chinese students flock to the US

On Chinese booking site, the cheapest one-way ticket from Shanghai to New York with two transfers on Friday costs nearly 20,000 yuan ($3,085), with prices soaring to almost 70,000 yuan for the same day. Zhuyuanquan said her ticket via Hong Kong cost around 20,000 yuan.


wakae kwao

The difference between Chinese and African students studying abroad is, Chinese always go back to invest the knowledge acquired into developing China While Africans prefer to extend their stay in the EU or US leading to massive brain drain.

Blame your government. There isn’t enough opportunities for them here.

Uku ukirudi utengeneze brewery gava itakumalisa.

Thats because AFRICANS have been put in a situation where African hate Africans and are all looking to get out of and disassociate themselves with Africans.

There are many many Africans in US/EU who would rather die then come back to Africa.

This is not about government or opportunities, its about racial inferiority complex

si kuna ule jaluo alirudi juzi wa Harvard akapasuliwa kichwa

Kwanza. Tununulie thuraku Wheel barrow akimaliza Ku graduate.Akileta kichwa shoka kama yule wa Havard.Kenya in particular has no Labour policy friendly to the youth.
Mega projects SGR and Nairobi expressway should have a component for students placement from Engineering and project management faculties for skill transfer.Lakini bonobos nikusema wheelbarrow nomics will save this county.

I don’t want to be negative but,
sasa umalize mechatronics engineering at MIT / Stanford / Caltech halafu ukuje kupigania some few jobs na watoto wa wanasiasa ?

even in the developed countries there is a generation that sacrificed a lot for the prosperity they have, hapa kwetu no one wants that - for maendeleo a generation has to be willing to forfeit the good life and build for the future, the building part is the dirty miserable part.
What one mostly hears is that wakirudi kuna shida, hakuna kazi, the environment is bad - but those are the things that a generation has to sort out, ama ni nani atafanya that part so that tukirudi nyumbani tukute ni kusafi.

Upuss a son of my friend went to study astronomical engineering… unataka arudi kenya atengeneze SGR locomotive?

For China to be a superpower, they MUST allow mass immigration like the US. The US sacrificed racial homogeneity for economic prosperity. Are the ego centric slit eyed Han Chinese ready to allow STRONG BLACK men to breed with their women for the future prosperous China? Only time would tell. Otherwise everything they are doing ni kelele za chura tu. They MUST and MUST allow mass immigration into MAINLAND China for their dream to actualize, Otherwise waache kutusumbua

kuna ukweli, for you to be a super power , your culture needs to be admired by people and has to be very progressive… in this sector the media, entertainment and performing arts needs to be shown all over the world… and this makes your brands demanded all over the world.

you cant be eating dogs, cats and snakes and expect people to respect you.

Ukweli lakini bonobo ztakataa zikisema ati hakuna opportunities:D:D:D They would rather take insta photos in Mykonos than develop their very own African coastline

Nonsense we all know this country has very limited opportunities and an extremely incompetent government. Many are forced to seek life elsewhere if they are to have any hope for their futurel. Sasa ii nchi what would you even do with degrees such as nuclear physics. personally I wanted to study astrophysics but knew it was a pipe dream in this country had to settle on computer science. How many thousands upon thousands of graduates are stranded or tarmacking in the streets and not for a lack of trying. Let’s not pretend that people run away just because of an inferiority complex

I’m surprised by your comment, I was expecting you to say how the US is going down. Anyway, those Kenyan who went to study aboard in the 50’s all the way to early 80’s came back home, why ? They were opportunities waiting for them.

USA sacrificed a lot to be where it is. Is China ready to sponsor African students to study in Chinese universities? Is China ready to spend billions in aid like USAID, UKAID, and GermanAiD? Is China ready to integrate with other races? Is China ready to take part in military missions around the world? Is China ready to have an effective propaganda machine like Hollywood? Is China ready to allow racial intermarriage? Is China ready for wokeness juu that’s a must when you mix races? Is China ready to attract more people to China who would settle down in China and call China their new home? Is China ready to issue massive green cards? How does China plan to make learning Chinese language attractive? Are they ready to stay side by side by other hostile civilizations? I doubt if China is for any of those. That’s why akina US wako with us for a long time. Yes China might overtake them economically but the Chinks culturally wako so rigid and that would work against their wishes. Being a superpower is not only economically but also in other facets of life like social interactions, culture, free speech, diversity, language, education, invention and other many areas. The Chinese would be a superpower economically but in other areas watangoja sana.

correct. Is china ready to see people who are not natively chinese calling themselves “chinese”…

I have to admit that the next superpower is India. I was looking at their massive infrastructure programs and progress. I was so shocked, these guys are now breaking records on projects. My thinking was they can’t compete with China coz of pathetic infrastructure, boy was I wrong. China is becoming expensive as incomes rise. India has the right demographics as Chinas population is now an inverted pyramid. The next 2 decades will be very interesting. China will finish off USA and EU industries before India doing the same on China.