China Introduces More Hurdles For Kenyan Ovacadoes. We Should Process Them Into Cooking Oil Instead

Taking advantage of Beijing’s deeper focus on trade with African countries to help reduce gaping deficits, Kenya struck an export deal with China for fresh avocados in after years of lobbying for market access.

Months later, no shipments have left, Kenya’s avocado society, the East African country’s plant health inspectorate and Kakuzi told Reuters.

While 10 avocado exporters have passed Kenyan inspections, China now wants to do its own audits and, based on the past experience of some other African fruit producers[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)], it could take a decade to get the green light.


[COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]Kenya is currently flooded with Ovacadoes and most go to waste. Ovacadoes can be processed into cooking oil with is much healthier alternative to Copra based oils.

The Chinese are market makers. They create value then capture markets downstream for their value to be realised. Of course you can’t be lazy enough to not beneficiate your produce and still profit from them!
They probably talk so much shit when they see how naive we are.

We mainly use the oil from the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis ) and not the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) .

Niliwaambia that’s how developed nations rape third world nations. They have protective laws to ensure that the balance of trade is always in their favor. Mwafrika (politicians) are either too daft or too corrupt to care. For many years we have been thinking that these nations are better than us but that’s not the full story. Yes, they are better than us in terms of human capital, but most of their gains are through rigging international markets in their favor. They can’t import any manufactured/processed goods from Africa but they want unlimited access to export their manufactured goods to Africa.

Nobody ever benefits from the Chinese. Ever. They can only sell to you goods and services. They can never purchase the same from you, especially if it’s not a mineral.

Na sio Chinese tu… Kwanza hawa wengine toka Ulaya (EU) na Amerika, ndio OVYO kabisa… Kila UCHAO masharti kila WAKATI zinazobadiliKa kama CHUPI ya MALAYA. Shida we Mkenya mbunifu (Kenyan Innovator + investor), utamezwa na utafunwe na Viongozi pamoja Wakenya wetu (KRA, Politicians, Leading Industrialists, na mwishowe wanainchi wenzako) . INAUDHI ZAIDI…

Yeah we have a lot of self defeating laws. Try and refine sugar from sugar cane huko Western. You will need a 10 permits. Some of those permits are nearly impossible to get. Utauliwa in the process. Muhindi has a permit, yet all he does is import sugar from Brazil.

So amehepa kulipa Kenyan farmer, use Kenyan truck delivery services, use Kenyan electricity, use Kenyan workers, KRA wamechezwa++++. Hakuna flow of capital. Zinabaki kwa mkono ya muhindi. And it’s only a tenth of the full figure.

Which reduces the country to net end consumers. Sisi nikurushiwa crumbs chini ya meza. Ati vision 2030.

Izi cooking oil unhealthy tunazikula kwa mahoteli bana. Hizi ndio uleta magonjwa ukielekea uzee
Next time angalia ile cooking oil unatumia imeundwa na nini.

Inflammation leads to chronic diseases

Omega 3 oils like vegatable oils are anti inflammatory
Omega 6 oils are pro inflammatory

Weka kando argument ya Saturated vs unsaturated fats.

Sunflower oil is rich in omega 6 fatty acids, increases blood sugar levels and leads to weight gain…but is rich in vitamin E and low in saturated fat.

Corn seed(mahindi) is highly processed extracted with solvents and pro inflammatory same as soybean oil

Avacado oil is an omega 3 oil just like vegetable oil and is processed therefore making it flammable, should be used in moderation (a better choice for you NOT best).

Virgin olive oil preferably organic(non processed) is a good option.

Coconut oil is non inflammatory and better than olive oil. There is a difference between palm oil and coconut oil

Butter is the best option if the cows are fed from grass(has good ratio of omega 3 and omega 6). Bazungu hapana taka ujue umuhimu ya butter.
If fed corn(mahindi)kwanza kenya na aflatoxin, then NOT goood since they have a higher ratio of omega 6s which is pro inflammatory.

Unaeza tafuta electric Butter churning machine ujiundie butter from milk na ghee from butter.

End of ranyt…Time to industrialize with not so good option-avocado oil

All those plant-sourced oils you’ve mentioned there with the exception of animal fats are vegetable oils.

so nikiitisha food ifuatwe na chef na kibuyu ya mafuta…

Do you really need fat in most of your foods? Ask yourself that. My late grandmother used to boil most of her food and it was always delicious. Including rice, mboga ya ugali, meat etc