China Hawajui Chills


What is happening in this photo:


China has been torturing Xinjian muslims

China invaded and occupied an independent country called Tibet and exiled its leader

It now wants to invade and occupy Taiwan, a country that has never been part of China in history

The murder and burning of niggas



Turkey, one of the richest Islamic countries commissioned an independent study of uyghurs who speak a Turkish dialect and found there was no evidence of discrimination. Don’t fall for US shit propaganda


Peleka low IQ Facebook.
Degree muhimu sana

where is the study?

China has never denied putting them into camps, but tries to justify the actions by saying it is aimed at reducing religious extremism

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Sir Isaac wekesa Newton kulundu ,what is the correlation between degree and formulating opinions? Even intellectuals have opposing points of views that’s why thesis and projects must be criticised , are you sure your degree is from a certified public University or it’s from river road printing Inc ?

Social justice warrior ulichoka na Slava Ukraine sasa umekuwa Taiwanese activist/Sinophobe?

China has been killing Muslims pia. US na China are equally guilty.

Greatness goes without saying. It is understated. If the need to clarify/explain/draw contrast ever shows up, that’s a sign of deep inferiority complex.

Oh my goodness! Where does one even begin with this here? :D:D:D

Yet here you are always comparing the wickedness of islam to the ‘greatness’ of your so-called people. I think you are the meaning of hypocrisy.

I support America mainly because they are the only superpower who can go to bat for Israel, if need be. It’s what makes the US such a great and blessed country (but that’s just my opinion).

What is your take on the moral decadence in yuess? What are your thoughts on its increasing ungodliness?

Did you know that there are more Christian believers in the US than in any other country on earth? People who eschew the Leftist moral degeneracy are higher in number but if you watch the news you might think otherwise. It’s just a tiny vocal minority which controls the media, politicians, Hollywood etc that has somehow managed to silence any dissenters through threats and intimidation but the truth is that most Americans hate lgbtq and all their nonsense.
It’s like the Islamic blasphemy laws encapsulated in Sharia. However, instead of being killed like the Muslims would do, you lose your job and basically get cancelled to radioactive waste. But God will always have a remnant. Even in Sodom, there was Lot and his family.

Okay. Yes because of higher population you expect to find more of them christans in yuess than say in kenia. But the degenerates outnumber the christians. And them degenerates are also supporting israel.