China Covid19 numbers?

Are they believable? Certainly not. But it is not a big deal to me cause i know kenya govts numbers are not believable same case to USA, German, Italy govt numbers. All the goverments in the wold do lie. That is why it is not a big deal to me as others are so much irked up with it

To not entirely disclose the information for internal purposes is fine. But to be completely deceiptful is completely wrong. Had China told the rest of the world that they had hemorrhaged 300k people to the grave, even Kenya would have stopped those flights from China. They have caused a huge loss of lives by not informing the world. At least they should have disclosed it non-publicly government to government. Governments do this all the time. Just say hey UK/Trump, things are thick here. You may wanna be on the lookout.

China should be made to pay for this damage in lives and economy to the rest of the world.

I like it that your masters are dying negro

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Theres hope. Like today, 20% of our patients were weaned off the ventilator after their lungs got remarkably better from a combo of hydroxychloroquine, tocilizumab, remdesivir and broad spectrum antibiotics. We also have more than adequate PPE but if you listen to CNN you might think the sky is falling! Ok, maybe NewYork is different…Also, there are very old people who were going to die anyway from congestive heart failure, kidney failure in the next few months but since they contracted covid, suddenly their cause of death is listed as “coronavirus related.” We peak in 2 weeks time and soon thereafter, I think the worst should be behind us.

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And how sure are you that they did not disclose govt to govt? You know most govts like to throw blame at other countries to hide their incompetence

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Hubei province alone registered 48,000 deaths, yet they told us it was around 3,000. Can’t imagine the real figure in the whole of China.

If they were told , do you think the governments would have reacted as lazily as they have. Putting economy first? 300,000+ deaths in 3 months. And counting.

But Trump is on record for dismissing it as Flu while other countries were tkaing it seriously such as South Korea, Japan Taiwan etc. Me i just think some countries were just careless when handling this particular pandemic