China commissions 620km/hr Train


Yaani it’s moving faster than some aeroplanes

Damn…sahile our learned fellows are discussing BBI sijui Babas last bullet.
Anyway let me Mobb Deep the day away…Uganda nikunoma maboys wamenitumia clip ya deployment ya jeshi this morning…ni gaga.

Katambe katambe. Wacha bonobos zimalizane.

This would work as an Intra-Africa connection and improve movement of goods, services and labor…but what do our leaders know? Launching water taps and borrowing from China


If it were effected huku kwetu and lasted the stretch to Mombasa or kilifi … Unatoka job 4 pm 5 uko Kilifi unakula under 20 za USAID 6 pm uko kwa train back unaona news na bibi makende imekamuliwa …

What’s wrong with the SGR which is still new na hata hamjamaliza kuilipia? Exploit the SGR first. Make it viable.

Hii iwezi letwa Kenya tuwache kujichocha

Management contracts to run the SGR is everything wrong with it. That’s why despite daily full capacity on cargo, the line is making inexplicable losses.

The line to nowhere or more precisely to the prince’s farm is another fault. It’s design and implementation has led to people being cut off from the main highway with no alternative access roads.