Chimpanzees you won't leave us alone with Sakayo by committing suicide

Tutalipa denim aje?

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Hio kitu iko na airstrip kwa kichwa Dio ilifanya a whole beta male ajimarde ? Tena it’s a old fat woman like you op ? Afadhali ingekuwa ni 19-20 year old soft soft tender meat with almost zero milage

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Mental illness.

Siezi mind hiyo Phides. I see what exactly that simp saw in her. I’m guessing she got those fire coochies and a nice voice that soothed him rather than the angry crow he had for a wife

All Kenyans have mental health issues, do you think that withstanding Sakayo shenanigans is a joke? Milking Kenyans at every corner? Ni kumilia tunavumilia.

Get all these deaths out of your mind, Truwoman. You can’t save people who want to die.

These deaths have been saving my life. Anytime I want to trust a man I remember these stories and stupidity leaves me.

People die all over the earth every day for thousands of reasons, and not every death is a murder, least of all by a black man. You are simply riveted on crushing the black man’s ego as a pastime, very typical of the average African-American woman–bristling with silent aggression against black men, even when no one is attacking them. That’s how many black women lose the whole purpose of life. So ease up, there is a lot of life before death.

Get my point eh. Most if not all of these deaths would never have happened if the women took at least 25 hours a day to fear men and since we are in Kenya black men. If they feared men half as much as I do they’d be alive. Btw I follow crime committed by white men more Bcz I like their justice system which is more effective and efficient. Hizi mambo zingine mingi unaniambia, I can’t relate.

Hata wewe unadai mjulus wa Ole Itumbi, utakuwa umesalimiana na Jowie, Erick omondi…

I get the point, but the issue is not fearing black men as such, it’s understanding the dynamics of the world we are living in. You will understand some day.

No thanks. Ule junguu wa which country is this ndio nadai.

The issue is, not fearing black men. Yes. That’s what killed Monica, she didn’t fear Jowie, that’s what killed Scarlet Wahu, she didn’t fear black men - how else would she have gone to a room after just meeting him the first day? What killed Rita Waeni was not fearing men. How else would you explain her journey to meet a stranger just days after the Matara story which was bcz of online dating? Do you want me to continue with the list? I may have been like them, very naive and trusting but the character development these stories have done to me have saved me from a ton of trouble.

Of course the world is a dangerous playing field, but there’s a difference between caution and paranoia. If you consume too much of the depressing things in life it slowly shapes your reality, and you risk becoming a slave of paranoia.

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Umedunga Point Hapo …:blush::+1:

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He used the easy way out. Hakuna kitu poa than your biggest critics akiona ukiwa successful. The perfect revenge.

Niaje Sylvia, you fat fuck!!!

My ivory tower built by my paranoia and avoiding trusting men has given me the type of drama free life that a 20 year old hasn’t had. When I listen to some girls half my age I appreciate how much stress and danger being cautious can save you from.

Hehe, sadly, an eternally drama free life is a living death, coz nothing really happens in it.

Huyo phides ni mali safi. Naeza nyonga lakini siezi jinyonga