Chimpanzees will character develop you hadi ulale cell

Ogopa Hizi Bonobos… Freakin’ Heartless…

I would be hesitant to judge the people in this one. This situation is very complicated and needs to be looked at from the 3 sides of the people involved. To be fair, each did something wrong to one of the others.

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ferking a moron is an aarduous & risky task itself, because she can infect you with her foolishness

eti the mirrors shattered :green_emoji:

say glass pane biatch & repeat

Where there’s cheating you always defend the guy

Going to surprise a man in his house you are the one who will be surprised


In her soul she could feel the guy had moved on. Why didn’t she just ask for her clothes when she got to his residence? Why break windows etc?


As you always do with women when they are on the wrong, but ni sawa tu.
What cheating? This woman left him with the children for 7 freaking years. Seven. Let that sink in first. 7 years, a lifetime.
He might have lied to the one complaining that their was no communication, but that’s another story; she knew the kids had a mother, who will one day return.
However, I doubt that after this @KuwaitBabe returned after so long, there could be any meaningful sex life together. They will be like two different people, the only thing keeping them together is the kids, so she shouldn’t raise her hopes about being intimate.
What I think is that the guy must have been caught by surprise at her return, and he didn’t know how to handle the situation. Akubali tu kuwa wanawake wote ni wake, kwani dunia itaisha? If the one complaining feels she wants to end it, let her. Life is what it is. Hizi stress nyingi ni za bure.

Mimi I have a Junguu Here… Stop hypothesizing me…


Junguuuu all the way.

Ukiachwa achika

She went to pick up her clothes at 10 pm :thinking: