Chimpanzees why make your mom go thru all this?

Pole mum. @KuwaitBabe can they release him if they are given the 150 M?

These Gulf Nations Wachana Nazo Kabisa… Hawatambui Democracy Kabsa.

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Are they really going to release him wakichanga 150M? I love her faith it’s only your mother who can believe a miracle like that can happen.

Pengine apate the King’s Amnesty… That’s the Only way to escape the Clutches of deathrow in these Gulf Nations.

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So this vibe of the murdered guys family accepting compensation for his release isn’t an option?

Arabs always want to send a Message… A Very Clear Message on what the Repercussions are for Breaking their Laws. Take a Guess on which course of action itashtua watu zaidi. Fine or Death?

Death of course. But why haven’t they killed him all those years? I’m sure crime rates are pretty low. Did they kill the guy caught selling drugs? Can you imagine that he got to Kenya and then he still returned to Saudi Arabia and they arrested him at the airport. Do they bewitch people or what? That guy knew he was on the radar but he still went ahead to go back. He was Kenyan.

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