Chimpanzees should not determine your giving birth or lack thereof

Ukiskia kuzalia mzungu zaa. Ukiskia hutaki don’t. But it should be 100% your decision. If, when and with who. A man should not dictate. Why? Bcz wanaume ni hasidi na hasidi hana sababu. Men are malicious and they don’t need a reason to ruin your life.


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This couple here is the “Miss Independent” hit maker Neyo and his wife Crystal. As y’all can see,she’s pregnant. Now,ûhoro wî haha. Neyo married Crystal after leaving Monyetta Shaw,whom she has two kids with. He had told Monyetta that he didn’t want more kids so he had her do a tubal ligation. Then he went ahead, left her,married Crystal and immediately had her pregnant, leaving Monyetta alone and sterile. He was so selfish he made sure that even if Monyetta got remarried, she’ll never be another man’s baby mama. Now,when I tell you women to take 23hrs a day to fear this gender, you call me a bitter feminist. Okay, joke’s on who now? Mwanaume asiwahi kwambia "nizalie " na wee kaa fala even without some financial independent ushakimbia kuzaa. Utaachwa na mtoto wako saa hio you don’t have even what then ulie hapa. Get pregnant only when you,and only you want a kid and you know you can comfortably provide for even when the jerk hits the road.

If you feel you’re not done kuzaa,mtu asikwambie you sterilize. Why couldn’t he have done the vasectomy himself? Who got played here? What if you sterilize,he leaves,then you angukia a guy who’s crazy over you and wants kids with you but wolla,you can’t :smirk:. Stop yourself from having important personal decisions about your bodies being dictated by these mumus. You will remove mucus with elbow. End of rant

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She finally came to her senses and married a junguu like I keep saying here. Unfortunately she can’t have children with him bcz she gave birth to a chimpanzees kids and he asked her to tie her tubes bcz he did not want anymore kids - - - with her. Make decisions based on what you want. Not what men want. Maisha ni yako. Uterus ni yako. Wewe ndio kusema. Why let a chimpanzee screw you over then turn to junguu as a last resort? Why? Your one and only option should be a junguu. Don’t waste your posterity on a chimpanzee. You better stay with out one.