Chimpanzees mumeamua every day this January it's femicide?

@Zush unaona relationships za siku hizi? Why can’t people just part ways? Ama they want someone to go home to and talk to? Acha tuu ikae coz I need to live to be 125.

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Kuna wakati ikifika imefika. Kufa dereva kufa makanga


Tafuta mtu ako na akili sawa ,ukiona ako na tabia funny funny you let them go

Even Mutara looked akili sawa na hio American accent hadi kumaliza round ya kwanza but it was too late to let him go. Hii Kenya the shortest route to get to heaven or hell for that matter is being with a man be it a customer, husband, boyfriend or exe. Maisha ni tamu sana staki iishe mapema and the best is yet to come.

Did you get corona vaccinated?

Twice. Astrazeneca. No boosters.

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This mbaite hag is still using big words she can’t even pronounce IRL huh?

It must have been shot up your ass with a bolus gun

Nikulipe how much you do all the nasty things in your mind? I offer you a blank cheque