Chimpanzees just love these let the woman be the work mule

I remember when sugar mommy @Purple found her sugar baby, her dad told her, make sure you put that boy to work otherwise you will age faster and then he’ll be having time to live at the gym and frolick with younger women. Can you as a father imagine having this conversation with your daughter? Black women are in big trouble in the zoo. They leave chimpanzees taking care of children and they go to work. These men kill and molest kids bcz of the role reversal. This is why the chimpanzee will never be a great man like men of other races. They are having big ideas, while chimpanzees are bashing their women for a living and making mediocrity acceptable. If you are only able to pay the light bill then you should move back to your parents, you have no business with a woman. Imagine growing up knowing your mother succeeded in a man’s world and your dad could not? It’s just pathetic and this should stop.
Men want submission, they should pay most if not all of the bills. If they want equality with women let them get wombs and breasts and cook and clean. Then we can talk about equality. Not being mediocre in the same world that others are succeeding in and blaming the white man, the Chinese and feminism. Junguuuu all the way baby. At least I am assured that I will never have to listen to this asinine crap from a white man. Love you junguu men for being real men.

This is what Arabs are building, what is the black man building?