Chimpanzees can drive a good, loving woman crazy, kuzalia wazungu and steering clear of black men is the highest form of self love ladies

Pole mum. You can see the pain in her eyes. After being used for 20 years to build a home as a punda wife then dumped for a tenant. Left with only her kids. Please ladies tujipende. Usiku Ali kutumia na chimpanzee kujenga kwake then after you give your best years and sacrifice your youth he dumps you for your tenant and humiliate you in front of his family and the community.

Kuzalia wazungu ni kuji penda. You can imagine what the kids will be going through for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile the tenant will just look for another mubabaz. Move on with out missing a bear. Black men are very ungrateful and disrespectful. Protect your womb from them and more importantly your sanity, by completely bypassing them and kuzalia wazungu for your good future away from jail.


How can you generalize all black men like that? I am assuming your father was a good man. Was he black or white? Whats the point of calling black men chimpanzees everyday on this forum. Hiyo toxicity heri uende mconsoliane na hawa wamama wa lexus exodus.

There are no kind words for this kapoti bitch…an African who hates her own skin is mavi takataka mbwa malaya nyee kino ya nzi


Toxicity and you calling women kunguru? We are consoling ourselves? LOL. OK. Wacha tuji console na wazungu. It’s choking enough having to deal with chimpanzees all around you and keeping them from bringing their chimpanzee traits to you.

If you really abhor us black men to that extent, don’t you think you are better placed going to places like girl schools or women conferences to spread your jungu gospel. At least then you will be making an impact. You are here in a ‘chimpanzee’ dominated forum attacking people who dont give a shit, I mean what is the end goal?

I have no message that I need to spread. Let everyone live the life they feel is best for them. Mimi mambo za wanaume waafrika na mimi is like oil and water. We don’t mix. Afadhali nikae bila than wasting my energy. Junguu is all I want and junguu is all I need.

this sheboon has an insatiable appetite for male attention. she’s not getting it on other platforms because ugly as fuck

She has the right as a member of here to air her worthy opinion this is not ua house

She definitely has and I believe the point of posting a thread is to get divergent views, right? So calling people chimpanzees can never sit right with me but it is what it is. I rest my case.

Kwani wewe ni Caucasian unachukia wa Africa sana

i’ll just leave this video here…