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Today has been heartbreaking. CM called us this morning needing help. First thing she said was il follow Usikimye and l never thought l would need your help. I really need your help.

CM is a 28 year old woman. She lives and works around the Xxxx area in Nairobi.

CM has been dating for the past six months, until one month ago when she realized she was pregnant. When she told her boyfriend, he told her , he wasn’t ready to become a dad. CM opined she had her life together and was willing to carry on the pregnancy by herself as it was never planned and didn’t want him to feel trapped.

Fast forward to this Friday her boyfriend called her and asked if they could speak and chart the way forward . He came and picked her from her place of work and they went out for dinner.
He kept plying her with water and even suggested she take a guarana . She took a sip, and says she felt a bit dizzy but she didn’t think much about it, after all her man is a doctor.

They went to his place in Juja where she spent the night. The whole day he kept taking care of her. She told him she was dizzy and he gave her the medicines pictured. She had never seen such tablets before luckily she took a pictur

During the night intense cramping started and bleeding , and she could feel herself slipping in and out of consciousness. At one point she says she thought she heard him speak and two women were holding her legs and something was inserted in her. She thought she was hallucinating but before she finally became unconscious she managed to call her brother screaming and put on her WhatsApp live location.

The brothers came for her and rushed her to a hospital where the botched abortion was discovered. They were able to give her required medical aid before they called us early this morning when we went to the house and collected evidence with the police. The man had fled and the police will be following up with his place of work.

Ruiru hospital didnt have a tech to do a pelvic scan but we wound up in Nairobi Women who have taken care of her. We have been discharged and medications to aid with evacuation of the incomplete pregnancy given.


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slipping in and out of consciousness and somehow able to put whatsapp live location?upussss.

tangazo! tangazo! @KuwaitBabe is a kamba tranny

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Huyu msichana ni muongo. She arranged for an abortion vyenye jamaa ilimtema akaamua amuekelee kesi. There’s no way she could have use her phone without being noticed. Kwani yeye ni lorry ati wanafungua bonet hawaoni akitumia simu.

Bich is bitter the guy tricked her into getting an abortion then dumped her

Is it better to be dumped after abortion or be left with a pregnancy? Lakini wanaume ni watu wengine bladfakin sana you are a doctor but you have to do botched abortion?