Chimpanzees are REJECTS even in World Cup. Qatar doesn't want your money LOL

20 out of 50 plus African countries banned from the World Cup in Qatar. Rejected by European countries, begging for green cards in millions, now World Cup. Nobody respects chimpanzees.
LOL. Nobody wants chimpanzees not even Arabs. Music to my ears. The real alpha males must stand together to block monkeys from taking their zoo behavior into their organised countries. The same way they are blocked from entering Europe is the same way they should be blocked even for world Cup. Thanks Qatar for that good move.

@TrumanCapote please can you scratch my bonobo tarimbo?

I wonder what would happen if Africa boycotts the games at this stage?

Guess how they will try to take power back from arabs and whites ?? LMAO by beating and killing African women and molesting African young girls hi @uwesmake rkelly and your sidekick clean-mkya trader @miritiandes

Doesn’t that include you too, Makena?

Ignoring the OP’s uncouth messaging & foul language. If this is indeed true about the Emirates banning nationals from those African countries from attending, all the teams that qualified from Africa should have boycotted the games. This would have sent a clear message against this blatant bias.

Lakini Waafrika lack that unity of purpose.

:Dthe sad tale of one who hates her kind… happiness will never find you and your last years will be filed with regret… hate is a disease that kills you slowly

Honestly I get second hand embarrassment from the pile of rubbish she writes.

Nope. Only black men. Though Kenya is not on the black list.

That includes your loving father, brothers, etc… ". Si ni kweli?

Huyu mama is a fat unattractive woman that no one likes or even gives attention to in real life, so she is determined to get it by all means, and that means writing stuff like this. She knows it irks people and people comment just the way we are now, and that gets her some attention. She can now check how many comments she has and feel good about herself. Trust me, this woman Capote is living a miserable life, unhappy, probably overweight too I’m not sure, but one thing I know is there’s not a chance in hell she’s even remotely beautiful, nameberry too probably…I’m sorry for sounding harsh, but that’s just how it is.

Inama tafadhali

Nope. always make exceptions including Obama and Raila. And a few others.

Okay. I leave it there.