Chimpanzees are bottom beaches

How do you stay with a woman who even uses racist slurs against you? Is this how desperate black men are now? I’m tired. I Kent.

Seems to me like he is a black man from a upper middle class family. A regular black man cannot take such shit. She was making a lot of money on onlyfans so he couldn’t really match her lifestyle, that’s why he wasn’t paying rent. Probably a source of their problems is her baring herself online which made him jealous.

Duhhhh!!! He was with her bcz she could provide him with a lifestyle he could never afford. She hated him for leeching off her. White women unlike black women are not used to providing for men. The guy was ever flossing on the gram and even abandoned his folks to go live the life. He wasn’t jeolous, just like any other low down pimp he wanted her to prostitute herself more so that she could make him more money to have a more expensive life to show on the gram. If she wasn’t loaded he would not have been with her. Black men generally have low self esteem coz you would not expect a white guy who is college educated to go live with a woman in only Fans so that he can show off to people on Instagram. It’s only a black guy who has so little self respect. Even me I can’t take a man talking to me how she talks to him I’d be outta no matter how much money he has. You must respect yourself. Anyway he paid for his hoeing with his life. The ultimate price. I don’t have any sympathy for him. If you want to live off a woman who is crazy you gotta be ready to die.