Nionyeshe angalau kidole ya mguu please

Hata string ya swimsuit hakuna, jameni…? :wink:

There is a shark lurking in the shallow waters.

Si uingie huko u drown ama ukuliwe na papa tafadhali

Cold Atlantic water.

Nkt, we have to stare at a grey horizon like marooned sailors. Not even a glimpse of bikini-clad thigh, or footprints in the sand…

Why does this place look like Brazil or India.?

Nioshe ata na shadow :cool:

Huko ni Dunga beach?

ndio hiyo mvua inakuja saa hii

tuoshe macho

Haiweskan. According to the very fresh sneaker shoe prints she’s in track suit or yoga pants.

Probably she’s shoe size 7.5

mutwapa mbeach


Enjoy the cool breeeze.
Next njoo hapa Malindi.

Hehe, not likely. More like size 5. The trouble with our lady @Purple is she hasn’t learned how to loosen up a bit, coz of spending too much time in places where laughter is limited. That’s why she’s afraid of posting a picture that fires you up. There’s not even a whiff of perfume in the salty sea air:D


Wapi watu wako?