Children Registration for School - NEMIS system

I have my first kid going to kindergarten next year.

Matiangi and Magoha introduced this introduction of an index number/registration number for children. It made parents rush to get birth certificates in January.
Does anyone know whether it is for kindergarten / Standard 1?
I hear the birth certificate requires 3 names. Is this true?

It does not require 3 names…unless unaweka yako, the father’s and side-nigga’s

NEMIS number is not a requirement for enrollment to any level of school.Registration is done once the student has been admitted to the school.So,take your kid to kindergarten/STD 1 with confidence.Thereafter,you will be asked for ID of the MOTHER and BIRTH CERTIFICATE.There’s no requirement for the number of names you want to use but should be a minimum of 2.

Its also good to know that any identity of a child is tied to a MOTHER, baba unajitafutia.

Heavy tackle…funny enough kid was probably given side nigga’ s name as first name so that’s covered

sijaelewa hapo

In terms of registration.Hakuna mahali a father’s identity is of importance.

Ti hi hi…sneaky bugger!

How do you make the kid’s surname the father name?
Father full name: Mr. Firstname Middlename Lastname (Dr.William Samoei Ruto)
Babies Full name: Christian_name Grandmother’s_name Father’s_name (Abby Cherop Ruto)

Note: I googled the name of the person in the newspaper for example purposes. Shocked to find he has 7 kids. And, has already added Dr. (But is yet to graduate from UoN)

A Surname has no real significance,in fact what’s important is the middle name(Family name).The last name is a tradition we inherited to preserve the male linage of the kid.I.e jina ya baba isisahaulike.Remember,in an ideal situation a lady is supposed to drop it and acquire the husbands name.The guy is supposed to stick to it forever.So,in-short is just another male chauvinism tackle.

For your case above,HUSTLERS like preserving their popular family name.Eg Kamwanas’ all kids have a Kenyarra.That means everyone in that family for the next few generations will carry that name.

Lastly, our beloved single Mum’s dont struggle with the last name,leave it blank if you’re unsure of your future with the nigger…aki insist it can always be added kwa registrar.

Samuel Kamau Wanjiru

oriena ghassia

Malai makokha

Why do you worry so much about this? You have things that are more important when your kid is going to kindergarten. You will receive help there in case you need it. So now think more about how will your child feel there. I was very worried about this when my baby went to kindergarten for the first time. I even was thinking about giving up this idea. I started to look on the internet for some [COLOR=“BLACK”]worksheets to work with him from home. But my husband insisted on bringing him to kindergarten and she was right. He has friends now and he is very happy.

I agree, when my little girl went to kindergarten I was very nervous, but everything was fine. She started to come home with different worksheets that they received there. Just relax.